Case Studies

Case Studies

"It gives children great memories and hope."

Eloise first travelled to Lourdes at Easter with HCPT as a child when she was 14. That first trip inspired her to return as a helper. Find out what makes HCPT's pilgrimages so special for her.

"My mum is friends with Michèle the leader of Group 86 (Bury St Edmunds) so I got to know a little about HCPT through that. I'd helped them out at a few fundraising events, and had it in the back of my... Read More »

"I'm the person I am thanks to HCPT."

Isla tells us about why her Summer stays with HCPT have meant so much to her. "I stayed at Hosanna House for the fifth time last July. I would have to say it was the best visit. Having so many young helpers in our group meant there was a new vibe to it. At the end of the week I felt that I had a new and extended family.

My five years of being part of the group has seen me experience some really powerful... Read More »

"Wish I'd discovered HCPT years ago..."

"Firstly, as a 'newbie' to both Lourdes and HCPT, I was a little apprehensive about what to expect. Everyone had told me I was in for an awesome week but I was aware that quite often when things are bigged up for you, it is easy to be disappointed. This was not the case with my week in Lourdes.

From the wonderful welcome we received at the airport, where our bags were whisked away and checked in with... Read More »

"I feel part of a big family."

Paul, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, first travelled with HCPT as a child pilgrim at Easter when he was 15 and remembers that experience very vividly. "The whole pilgrimage is a magnificent spectacle, something that sticks with you forever. The groups bathe the town in an amazing sea of colour. It's a community all as one, especially at the Trust Mass".

As soon as he could go as an adult he contacted... Read More »

Family enjoys its first full week away!

Robert is 26 and his brother Michael is 22. They both have a rare genetic condition where their skin grows too quickly, making it constantly dry and flaky. There is no cure, and they need baths and the application of creams twice daily. In addition, Robert contracted meningitis soon after his birth, which resulted in his having a learning disability.

Travelling for the family is quite a task, not least... Read More »