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After extensive consideration, and consultation with our medical specialists, the HCPT Board of Trustees concluded at its meeting on 19 September 2020 that HCPT will not be proceeding with a 2021 children's Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes. Our intention instead is to conduct two children's pilgrimages to Lourdes, 25 – 31 July 2021 and 24 – 30 October 2021, as long as conditions allow. These dates were identified in a recent consultation of group leaders with regard to other possible pilgrimage dates in 2021.

We are similarly planning for HCPT's summer season of pilgrimages to Hosanna House to commence in July 2021, subject to the same conditions, and every effort will be made to accommodate all HCPT summer groups which would wish to travel.

During the intervening period, HCPT will be conducting a range of engaging, virtual events in order to support our beneficiaries, their families and our volunteers until we are able to resume our pilgrimage holidays to Lourdes.

HCPT's three yearly conference scheduled for Saturday 14 November will take place virtually, as will our biennial carol service in December. A virtual Sponsored Cycle to Lourdes will run through Lent, leading into a Virtual Pilgrimage through Easter Week, which follows a similar hugely successful event at Easter 2020.

In these uncertain times for us all, and until we are able to resume pilgrimage holidays to Lourdes for disabled and disadvantaged children and adults, we are resolved to continue to share God's gifts of love, friendship and joy in new and exciting ways!

Easter Pilgrimage

Every Easter over 1,000 disabled and disadvantaged children enjoy a week in Lourdes, staying in hotels with their volunteer helpers.

Summer Pilgrimage

Each Summer over 1,500 people, many of them disabled adults, enjoy a week at HCPT's Hosanna House in Bartrès, near Lourdes.

About HCPT

Lourdes has been a place for pilgrimage since 1858. Today over five million people per year visit the town. HCPT founder Dr. Michael Strode first visited in 1951 and saw the potential to organise a pilgrimage for disabled children at the school where he was working. HCPT itself was founded in 1956.

It revolutionised the way that disabled people enjoyed a trip to the famous shrine.

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