Thank you to everyone who supported our annual Grand Draw, which was drawn on Friday 14th January 2022.

Mr Fox of Surrey won the top prize of £4,000, with Ms Reilly and Ms Brown (both from Lanarkshre) winning £1,000 and £750 respectively.

In addition, the following people won £20 each:

  • Mr Alphonsus, Northwood
  • Miss Anderson, Renfrewshire
  • Mr Bell, Surrey
  • Mr Butler, Cornwall
  • Mr Canagasabey, Essex
  • Ms Clifford, Birmingham
  • Dr Edmunds, West Midlands
  • Mr Flisher, Berkshire
  • Mr Greaney, Surrey
  • Mr Hassitt
  • Mr Holmes, Hertfordshire
  • Mr Jones, Devon
  • Mr Jones, Essex
  • Mr Lambert, Hertfordshire
  • Mrs Lanceman, Hertfordshire
  • Mr Lovelock, Tyne and Wear
  • Mrs Marples, Leicestershire
  • Mrs Mayes, Hertfordshire
  • Mr Potter
  • Mrs Roads, Surrey
  • Mrs Screech, Devon
  • Rev Slater, Hereford
  • Mr Sullivan, Newport
  • Mr Taylor, Dundee
  • Ms Webber, Cardiff