Join the Bernadette Club lottery

Join The Bernadette Club and win up to £1,000!

HCPT's Bernadette Club, is a monthly raffle that you can join! There are monthly prizes, from £30 to £100. Plus a top quarterly prize of £1,000!

Since 1977 the Bernadette Club has raised over £300,000 for HCPT's vital work with disabled children and adults – and you can be a part of it!

Annual membership is £36, which entitles you entry into each monthly draw. You can have more than one entry.

Winner Harold Bradley (see photo) from Brighton said:

It was a wonderful surprise to win. My wife and I shared the money with our family and friends by treating them to a party to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

Find out how you can join the Bernadette Club by calling us on 01788 564646 or by emailing us.

Are you gambling more than you really want to? If you feel you have a problem with gambling, please call the National Gambling Helpline: 0808 8020 133 or find them at:

Bernadette club winners

April 2022

£100 Miss M Pidcock – Leicestershire, £50 Mr V Burke - Greater Manchester, £30 M McKeown – Lanarkshire, £30 Ms E Holden – Lancashire, £30 Ms F Keane – Liverpool, £30 Mr A Everitt – Leicestershire, £30 Ms A Barnes – Surrey.

March 2022

£1,000 Mrs M Rees – Leicestershire, £100 Mr M Cowie – London, £50 Miss C Perrot - Kent , £50 Mrs M Burke - Newcastle upon Tyne, £30 Mrs C Hansford – Surrey, £30 Mr A Delahunt – Surrey, £30 Mrs E Jarvis – Liverpool, £30 Mrs K O'Farrell – Middlesex, £30 Father G Griffiths – Kent.

February 2022

£100 Mrs E Ibbitt – Leicestershire, £50 Ms J Hollington – Essex, £50 Dr & Mrs J Smyth – London, £50 Dr MJ Platt – Norwich, £30 Mrs M Sims – Hampshire, £30 Mrs M Casey – Lancashire, £30 Mr & Mrs E Flach - Cambridgeshire

January 2022

£100 Mrs M. Dickson – Glasgow, £50 Mr M. Cruickshank – Surrey, £30 Mrs J. Bray - West Yorkshire, £30 Mr S. Gordon – Midlothian, £30 Ms N. Bolonkowski – Midlothian, £30 Mrs P. Friel – Middlesex, £30 Mr W. Kimberley – London.

December 2021
£1,000 Mr D.Callan – Manchester, £100 Mrs M. Cockburn - Tyne and Wear, £100 Miss J. Reilly – Ayrshire, £100 Miss MC. Lucas – Lancashire, £100 Mr J. Hargaden – Abergavenny, £50 Mr D. Rodgers – Surrey, £50 Mrs J. Condon – Surrey, £50 Mrs A. Dickinson – Surrey, £50 Mr G. Page - Port Talbot, £30 Mrs F. Faragher – Oldham, £30 Mrs M-J. Edwards – Powys, £30 Mr V. Hanlon - East Sussex, £30 Mr P. Holdsworth – Lancashire.

November 2021
£100 Miss R. Gordon – Ayrshire, £50 Mrs M. Rodgers – Lancashire, £30 Miss P. Kelly – Oxfordshire, £30 Mrs E. Horns – Warwickshire, £30 Ms A. Wheeler – Somerset, £30 Mr M. Fletcher – Merseyside, £30 Ms A. Hughes – Lanarkshire, £30 Mrs D. Saxby – Suffolk.


  1. The objects of the Club are: (A) Raising funds for the general purposes of HCPT; (B) Distributing prizes from 12 draws in each year.
  2. The Promoter is George Mullis and the further members of the Committee are Sue Berridge, Jane Harling and Phil Sparke.
  3. Any applicant aged over 16 who pays a subscription shall be able to become a member. An individual may subscribe for more than one membership.
  4. Subscriptions are payable at £3 a month, and normally for a whole year in advance. If subscriptions are in arrears the member shall not participate in draws.
  5. Each monthly subscription entitles a member to one chance in each lottery or draw.
  6. A lottery will be held on or close to 28th of each calendar month, making a total of 12 chances in each year for each subscription.
  7. The maximum number of members shall be 10,000.
  8. The Promoter shall, in respect of each lottery: (A) Distribute not more than 50% of the total proceeds in prizes, none of which shall exceed £1,000; (B) Spend not more than 20% of the total proceeds on the actual expenses incurred in conducting the lottery; (C) Pay the whole of the balance to HCPT; (D) Make such regular returns as a required by the registration authority; (E) Make regular reports to the governing body and to HCPT.
  9. The prizes shall consist of such sums, between £30 and £1,000 as the Promoter shall decide. Prize cheques not encashed within six months shall be forfeited.
  10. The names of prize winners, and the prizes won will be published on HCPT's website and may appear on HCPT's newsletters and social media. In addition: (A) All winners are automatically notified by post; (B) Prize winning cheques will only be made out to the person named as the holder of the play number; (C) If a valid number wins a prize and the charity is subsequently informed the player is deceased, any prizes won after the player's death but before we are notified by the personal representatives, will only be reissued to the deceased's personal representatives (supporting documentation will be required).
  11. Neither the Promoter, members of the governing body, nor any other person shall receive any remuneration from the Bernadette Club, other than out of pocket expenses, properly incurred and supported by evidence of expenditure.
  12. The decision of the governing body shall be final in relation to interpretation or variation of these Rules, at any time.