Our vision, mission and values

A first visit to the Shrine in Lourdes

This page gives a brief insight into what HCPT aspires to, what we do to help get it there, and the principles and behaviours we share and believe in.

HCPT's Vision
HCPT's vision is its 'dream', its source of inspiration and its ultimate achievement. That vision is something we hope you can identify with:

Changing lives through pilgrimage, sharing God's gifts of love, friendship and joy.

HCPT's Mission
HCPT's mission statement describes why it exists, what it does and the path it takes to achieve its vision.

HCPT is a volunteer-based charitable organisation founded in response to Our Lady's invitation to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes. Our aim is to enable those who may need help, especially the young, to experience pilgrimage, and we do that in small caring groups, seeking to share with joy, the gift of God's love.

HCPT's Values

HCPT's values drive its culture and provide a framework upon which decisions are guided. Values are the beliefs that are shared within HCPT. They define how the charity behaves when undertaking its mission.

  • Value: HCPT respects and cherishes each individual regardless of differences
  • Love and respect: HCPT shows and shares the power of God's love through compassion and care
  • Faith: HCPT's pilgrimages are based on Christian faith and welcome people of all faiths and none
  • Community: Through commitment, care and service HCPT builds joyful communities
  • Celebration: HCPT celebrates life and love
  • One Trust: The HCPT community is built on a common ethos, shared by all our groups, whenever, and from wherever, they go on pilgrimage