Tuesday 23rd April - your messages

Here's today's "Tatler" messages from HCPT's daily Easter newsletter

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To Group 2, Jennie, from Ben - My Neighbour Tottoro was on Film4 today so I thought it was a good time to send you much love and best wishes for the rest of the week xxx

To Group 14, from Cyma - Hi Sana, Hope you are well. I've been reading Jane's emails everyday and am very happy to hear that you are well and are enjoying yourself. We are all fine here too. Keep smiling and make lots of lovely new friends and have lots of fun. See you when you get back my darling.

To Group 14 - Hi Chloe, We hope you're having a great time. Have you served at mass yet? Is the weather good? It's been raining all day here. Lots of love, mum, dad and Pip xx

To Group 14 - Hope you have an amazing trip can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Keep us all in your prayers especially Nanny Anne and Nanny Mary , and Baz's finger ha ha ha. Lots of love, Auntie Jojo xxx

To Group 23 - Hi Gregor, hope you and your Lourdes family are having a great time. 20,20,20...? Have fun Love mum, jock & Jess xx

To Group 23 - Hi gregor hope your having a great time away.looking forward to all the stories and hope your taking loads of pictures Lots of love Auntie Karen and Ava x x

To Group 23 - Hello Nathan a big Happy 12th Birthday to you! Hope you're having a great time..lots of love & hugs Mum Dylan Gran & Papa xxx ps Enjoy Beach Party! Xxxx

To Group 25 - Hey Adelle, just thought you might like to know that Faelene took her first steps today. She will most probably be walking when you get home! I'll have to get her some tap shoes! Hope you are having a fantastic time! My favourite thing I remember about Lourdes was just running around on the grass and playing silly games with all of the carers in our group. Have you had anything weird to eat yet? Any snails? Make lots of memories. We can see the photos Anna is posting. Good choice of face paint! Lots of love Miss Stef

To Group 25, from Paul Robinson - Hi everyone... Not missing it at all... we watched the Easter Sunday mass online, signed up to the nightly emails, got the Lourdes webcams saved as a favorite, keep watching the HCPT FB Live streams and im writing you another message, like i said, we are not missing it at all. Hope your all having a great time so far. Nearly forgot! Knock, knock Who's there? Turnip Turnip who? Turnip the volume, it's quiet in here.

To Group 25 - Hi Adelle. Hope you are having a great time. We washed our babies yesterday so they are all fluffy. Rained here all day today. Weather looks great where you are. Hope you're enjoying the food and sleeping well. Did everyone sing happy birthday to you on the plane? Can't wait to read your diary. Love You and Miss You. Dad & Mum xxx. And Jet, Layla, Ruby, Sadie & Misty xxx

To Group 32, The Thorns family, from Andrew Thorns - Just to let you know I am managing OK at home by myself and missing you all! Look after Enna and Roger who arrive on Wednesday Oh and the cats are doing OK too! Love to all Ax

To Group 37, Nathan, from Ben and Katie - Hope you guys have a great week in Lourdes. Hope the weather stays nice and dry for you all.

To Group 38 - To my favourite pink ladies (and men) Hoping you're feeling great with 38 and having a fantastic time. Wish I was there with you all. Lots of love, Siobhan xx

To Group 41 - Hi Louise and all of Group 41! Bet you are having a great time in Lourdes! I keep looking for you all in the HCPT videos posted on Facebook! Looks like you are enjoying some sunshine, it's wet, wet wet here! Say hi to Our Lady for us! Best wishes! Ann and Tom xx

To Group 44, Manchester Region - Sending you all our very best thoughts and prayers this week; you are no doubt making wonderful memories for yourselves and those fantastic children. God Bless Manchester Region from Joe and Julie x

To Group 44, Liz, from Ursula O'Connor - Hope all is well . This is my third attempt to send an email to you all . I won't write an epistle today ! Enjoy every moment on your week in Lourdes on holiday with Our Lady . Love to all. Remember Bill, please . X God bless from Ursula.x

To Group 45 - Hey Jay Jay! We hope you're having a wonderful time in Lourdes and want you to know that we?re watching it all on Facebook every day. We love you SO much and are very proud of you and want you to squeeze every inch of joy out of this very special week. Make sure that Callum behaves himself (!) and give our love to all of the 45ers. BIG love from Mummy, Daddy, Kian, Cate and Grandad. Xxxx

To Group 49, from Carol Anne - Truly 49, today you were all in the pink, on a splendid trip to the beach, songs on the bus, picnic in the cafes, parachuting on the sand, dusting yourselves off and promenading your joyous way back to Lourdes were you held up your lights Ave Ave Ave Maria, what an amazing sight to see all of HCPT coming together in their own Special way just as Mary asked.we wish you continue being special and remember us in your night prayers, goodnight 49 love you all

To Group 49, from Carol Anne - Monday already, first group breakfast, story of Bernadette,tour of grotto, st Margarets flowers! Wee cafe stop for singalong, lunch, bread n wine Scottish flags, processing to welcome service, fun and dancing, flag waving. Getting to know each other, listening and hearing, seeing and believing. You are Special. Good night stories with groups candle, missing you but definitely with you in mind. Night night, early rise in pink morning?

To Group 75, Jenna , from Katy Taylor Hamilton - I hope we have a wonderful week in Lourdes and the crazy woman Jenna

To Group 75, from Charlie Thomas and Rebecca - HI GROUP 75. HOPE YOU ARE HAVING LOTS OF FUN. PLEASE BRING THE SUN HOME. HI ANUITE ANNMAIRE hope u having fun. love thomas n charlie.

To Group 75, Jenna, from Stevie - Hey there Group 75 hope your all having a fab time. Hope my Mammy and my lil bro Joshua are okay and enjoying their week. Daddy is looking after me so don't worry. I love you both lots. Have a fab rest of the week. Love to you both and group 75 xx P.S woof woof xxx

To Group 75, Gracie, from Louise - Fantastic photos of group 75 you all look so happy and relaxed Love and miss you Gracie barney sends lots of woofs and kisses

To Group 75, Katy , from Daddyo - Glad you're having a fun time Scoob. It was nice to speak to you this morning. The parachute game looked like lots of fun (& the water pistols). Enjoy tomorrow x

To Group 75, Katy, from Sparky - Hi Katy I'm so very sorry about the baby bunny rabbit. I was only playing. I am having a nice holiday at mum mums. Hope you're having a lovely time meow xxx

To Group 75, from Emma-Jane - Hi Katy, looks like you were having loads of fun in the meadows today. Keep smiling and having fun xxx Hi to your roomies Abbie & Madalena too xxx

To Group 75, Angel, from Gillian Pater - So glad you have got some sunshine looks like you all had fun yous defiantly came alive with 75 we've had pouring rain all day

To Group 75, Jenna duckie cairns, from Steve mawson - Hi to all of group 75 hope you are having a great time and getting up to plenty of choas. Dont forget to give jenna her birthday bumps this week!!! All 31 of them Have fun

To Group 76, Morgan - Hi Sweetheart, it sounds as if you are having a lovely time - we are so glad, although the cats, mummy and me are missing you; Jack keeps asking where you are. It is snowing here (but not lying) I hope the weather is better en France. We will keep up-to-date with what you are doing via the website. Take care, be good, and try and help as much as you can. We love you very much Sending big hugs Mummy, Nana, Ginnie, Jess and Jack Xxxx

To Group 76, kathleen, from Nelson - We miss you so much. We hope you're having a great time and the weather is good and not snowy like here. Please say a prayer for us.see you soon.

To Group 76, Jac, from Katie Nelson - Hi Mum. I hope you are having a great time in Lourdes. We are really missing you. It is snowing today which is so bad, I HATE snow!! I went to Irish Dancing tonight and Sharon told us that she hopes to have a good team by 2020 to dance at the 50th anniversary of the worlds. But that's still another 2 full years away!! How is Maria? How did she get on at the worlds with her team?? And also I heard that Erin Burns came 75th. I cannot wait to see you mummy xxx Love you mum xxx

To Group 76 - Hi Harry hope you are having the best time ever, we have been watching the videos trying to catch a wee glimpse of you. We all miss you very much. Hope your behaving yourself. Love you with all my heart son, can't wait to hear from you on your birthday. See you soon ..mum & family xxx

To Group 76 - Hi Emma-Leigh and Cody. Hope you've had a fantastic day. We've got snow here enjoy the sun. Tell everyone in the group I hope they have a brilliant time and many blessings. Lots of Love from Grandma and Papa xx

To Group 76 - Hi Eva...hope your having a fantastic time !...missing you lots ...love uncle colin xxx

To Group 76 - Hi eva hope you are having a great time love from your favourite granda xxx

To Group 81 - Hi Annabel, hope you are having a wonderful time so far. Lots of love Mum, Dad & Imogen love you xxx

To Group 84, Nick, Shannon, James, Josh, Ben - Group 84 would like to give a big shout out to theirs newbies; Shannon, Nick, James, Josh & Ben! We hope you are having a fabulous first year with Group 84. We love you deep down in our hearts. Claire & Sue xxx

To Group 84, from Nick Tisi - Congratulations to James & Josh for their first year with a family group (formerly St John Payne group). Gael says that Josh is too young to settle down, but that James is ready for marriage. Interested parties can apply to Gael at Hotel Astoria Vatican.

To Group 84, from Nick Tisi - Michael, Group 84, feels left out that Gael is trying to find a wife for his friend Mark and not for him. Michael is between 23 to 38 years old, and enjoys ballet and beards. Please contact via Gael at the Hotel Astoria Vatican.

To Group 84, from Nick Tisi - Gael (Group 84) is looking for a potential wife for her precious son, Mark. Interested applicants can apply to Hotel Astoria Vatican. Mark is 20, plays guitar, and is upset that his mum is doing this ??

To Group 89, Ann Marie, Anne Marie and Sinead, from The Fusi Family - Hope you all have a fantastic week in Lourdes.

To Group 89, Joe McBride, from John Kerr - Hi to all pilgrims in Group 89, have a wonderful week and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless, John

To Group 97, Maddison - Hiya Hope you have a wonderful time at the zoo Auntie Kath, Auntie Karen and Auntie Ceri send their love Lovely to hear your voice yesterday and all your news Love from Mum, Dad, Nan, Tom and Jess Romeo and Marley:)

To Group 97 - To our Leland puddle duck , we so proud of you and glad that you are having a wonderful time, it makes us so happy to see all the lovely photos , hope snap snap is enjoying himself too. Me, dad and lacey love you loads and will see you on Saturday from mum xxx

To Group 97,from Rachel Postle - Julie, Robbie and Chloe xx Enjoy your week with all those beautiful children X lots of pictures please xx Stay safe xx Love you lots X

To Group 97, from Mo - Hi Robbie hope you are having a fantastic time with Leland.. hope the ukulele is working overtime and you are having fun lots of love x

To Group 97, from Mo Ludlow - Hi Julie hope you're enjoying your first trip with group 97 I'm sure you are.. hope Caitlin is enjoying herself too lots of love

To Group 97, Chloe hope you and Madison are having a lovely time, from Nana Mo - Hope you and Madison are having a lovely time and the weather is kind to you have lots of fun and make lovely memories. Lots of love to you xxx

To Group 99, Joe Shinkwin, from Mike Halford - Wishing you a very very happy birthday from all of group 99... 21 again!

To Group 99, Christine Halford (99), from Mike Halford - As we renew our wedding vows today, thank your for 40 amazing years of marriage & celebrating this wonderful anniversary in such a special place & with such special friends. Love you always. Xxx

To Group 101 - Love seeing all the photos and the joy of Lourdes, wishing you all a wonderful and prayerful rest of the week, keep singing loud, we can hear you in Nottingham! lots of love Team Queally xxx

To Group 105, from ALEX - Group 105 has a group that's hotter than hot and so do Group 55 7 great youngster Kenz, Matti,Mia,Jon,Morgan and Lacey We also have a fab Group Leader Jenni

To Group 105, Mia Stinton - Hi babe, hope u having a fab time. Max and Damo is missing you like crazy, Damo keeps saying is mia coming home as u take a long time lol. House is to quite without you, can?t wait to see you. Lots of love Mam, Dad, Jordan, Damo and max xxx

Hey Group 115, hope you're enjoying a bit of sunshine. Been lashing here all day! Hope Tom and James are keeping you all in order and making sure Euan is not eating too much chocolate! Wishing we were there with you and will be looking out for your cool moves on the live cam! Keep singing! Inez and James

To Group 116 - hi 116 how are you hope to see you live on the webcam tonight at the torched light personas tell Ann carfing hi from Margo and eve Karen and me and my mum hope it don't snow its snow her I left shorts and tea suit in her bag for her thanks love Kaitlin will you send me a post card bye

To Group 122 - Hey Ellen and all the sunshines ?? We are loving seeing all the photos each day and feel so happy seeing you guys having such a fabulous time together. Lots of Love Mum, Jess and Alex xxx

To Group 122, Angela - Hello Lovey I hope you are having a lovely time. Today Monday is terrible and has rained nearly all day. I went to the bird sale for a short time. Yesterday I went to your house for lunch which was very nice beef and stayed till 4pm. Sorry I didn't see you before you departed. Lots of love Grandma x

To Group 122, York, from Nick - Loving all the photos 122. Missing you all and following the week and mass online. Jackey Boy, I'm relying on you to keep my legacy this week. Remember , in bed by 8. Claire - no joyriding Kath / Irene you are legends. Claire you will be a Saint putting up with us lot. Enjoy, can you light a candle for my Dad and see you next year.

To Group 122 - Hi Angela, mum passed on this link so just dropping you a message. Hope you're having a great time and are enjoying meeting new people and making some new friends. The journey sounded tiring but exciting to be on a plane and in France. Perhaps you've managed a few words in French by now. Much love Granny and Grandad xxx

To Group 122 - Bonjour Jack! Wow you are so busy, we are all keeping an eye on you from a far, looking at all the amazing pictures on the internet, especially the singing and action videos, Auntie Liz, Fay Bliss and Fleur also loving the pics, even the weather looks fabulous (raining here again!). The Bowlings have left this morning and we are having a quiet day at home. Lots of love always Mum Dad Annie Tom Xx

To Group 123, Declan - Hi mate happy Easter, hope you are enjoying your time in Lourdes we miss you house is to quite lol hope weather is nice, weather here is horrible cold and raining well better go finished the cleaning enjoy the rest of your time in Lourdes mate see you soon love you lots mum, dad and Brendon xxx

To Group 125, from Jean kidd - Hi Eve, I hope you are having a great time and thoroughly enjoying the experience of Lourdes. I am sure you will be proving a great asset to the team out there. I am enjoying seeing the pictures, you look so grown up and happy. Love you and proud of everything you do. From aunty Jeanie xxx Ps sending a hug xx

To Group 125, from Joanna Donnelly - Hi Eve, just want to send you a little message to say I hope you are having an amazing time. I still remember the time I went to Lourdes with St Johns many years ago and I absolutely loved the whole experience. Lots of love and hugs, Jossy xxx

To Group 139 - We hope you have all settled in well now. We are missing you so much and really wish we could have been with you all in Lourdes. Have a great week, enjoy every minute of it and stay safe. Willie and Bernie.

To Group 141 - Bonjour Will , Hope you are having fun , when best to watch you on television ? Mum sharing Jenny's updates and we are linked to HCPT web page - amazing stuff you getting up to out there and in the sun ! Well done all. Please bring some sunshine home Love dad x

To Group 141, Daniella, from Catherine Monget - Hope you and your group are having a good time.

To Group 141 - Hi Gio I hope your having a great time and barny says hello. I hope the weather is better there than here, its cloudy and cold here. Love you Mum

To Group 143, from Sister Gillian - Wishing all my friends in Group 143 All Stars an amazing time! Hope you had a good journey!! And now it's time to #riseandshine???

To Group 153 - Loving all the photos and videos! Missing you all but it looks like you are having a fab time! Theo, I love you and hope you are being good and being a fab group mascot! Take care of Julie for me! Love Mummy/Lyd xxx

To Group 170, Mellissa, from Ann Street (great gran) - Hello sweetheart we are think of you . Hope you are enjoying you trip xx

To Group 170, Mellissa, from Nonni chiara - Hi Missy. Hope you are enjoying yourself and having a wonderful time. We will definitely come and see you when you get back, and you can tell us what you did. Lots and lots of love. Nonni, Abu, Smegal and BellaX

To Group 170, Missy, from Julie - Hi Missy I hope your having lovely time, what a great experience to have. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back, I'll come over to your great grandmas when your over there and you can make me jealous by telling me about all the things you've seen and done xxx

To Group 170 - Hey Missy, Hope your well and having fun. we have looked at a few pictures and it looks like your weather is better than here!!! Another day of rain here! Easter hunt in the rain with Amos, Martha, Arlo, Ophelia, Aria and Nerina! Keep having a great time and we will see you when your back. xxx Lots of Love Niamh and Naomi xxx

To Group 170, Missy, from Molly - Hi Missy, hope your having a great time we are missing you already can't wait to hear all about your adventures. X

To Group 170 - Hey Missy Hope you are having a wonderful time in Lourdes katie has asked if you have seen the goats yet that was one of her favourite bit while there Big hugs from Clare and Katie xxx

To Group 170 - Hope you are having fun Missy? We will look forward to you coming home and telling us all about your adventures. We love you lots and lots Aunty Emma, uncle Phill and Henry xxx

To Group 170, from Alastair & Lyndsay - To all the group and especially to our wonderful son Toby, we wish you every blessing and happiness. Have a fantastic time in Lourdes this week. XXX

To Group 173, Kellyann, Louise - Hope yous r having a fab time ,super proud of my two daughters doing this for others luv Mum dad and family

To Group 179 - Hi James Hope your having a fantastic time in Lourdes, we're being on the webcam. Love you and miss you loads Hope your behaving yourself. Love Mummy, Nanny,Grandad,Gipsy and Shadow x

To Group 179, from Elliot, James, Debbie, Darius + Rosie - Hello everyone, hope you are having a fun time. You are the best group ever! 179 we love you deep down in our hearts!

To Group 181, Mighty mo, from Peter Joyce - Group 181 Loving the lime you give everyone. Keep up the good work . Lime you lots perfect pete

To Group 187, Olivia & all the group, from Liz J - Hope you're having a fantastic trip! Enjoy the torchlight procession tonight. Rise & Shine!!!

To Group 187 - Hi Olivia It's mummy here. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Lourdes. The weather over there is nicer than at home. I have been looking out for you on the photos but not seen you yet so I hope that you are OK. I have seen some videos including the one of the caterpillars which looked amazing - did you see them? Love you to the moon and back Mummy xxx

To Group 187, Olivia, from Simon Guzdek - You're all in my thoughts and prayers on this very special year celebrating the RAF's 100th Anniversary. Sing your hearts out my lovelies. Lots of love and blessings, Si Guzdek (The Guitar Man) x Lourdes forever, Amen

To Group 192, from The Dinosaur, The Monkey, The Pig and The Shark in room 201 - Dear Ollie, Thank you so much for inflating our lives, and making our holiday so much fun! We've pigged out and monkeyed around! We can't wait for the rest of the week and to meet more new friends! With love, The dinosaur, the monkey, the pig and the Shark xx

To Group 192, George - Hope you are having a great trip and that you enjoyed your first flight. Make sure you are good for Suzie and the others and don't get too close to the candles! And if you have to stand in for the banner - hold tight to the pole! Love to everyone, Chris xx

To Group 194 - Hi Erin. Hope you have had a great day today. Mum says that you went to the beach! I know that you will be enjoying the atmosphere; the singing and dancing. I have been following Hcpt on Facebook Instagram and twitter! I'm sure the trust mass will blow your socks off! Take care. I hope you've made lots of new friends and traded lots of badges. Love you lots and lots. Dad

To Group 195, Claire - Eeeh this week is flying by, Tuesday already, just wanted to wish you, the group and the VIPs a safe journey to Gavarnie. Hope the sun shines for you. Look out for those soaring eagles and soar with them. Enjoy your ice cream hot chocolate, and apple juice. Enjoying all of your lovely pics. Much love to you all Cath and Bren xxx

To Group 198, Andrew and Sandie Guzdek - Congratulations on your 25th trip to Lourdes, hope you all have an amazing week and we look forward to hearing all about it when you return. God bless you all, Simon, Tanyar, Josh & Ben xx

To Group 199, Kevin - Wishing all of Group 199 a fantastic week in Lourdes. Hope Mark is looking after Kevin well and making sure he gets up in the morning!! Give us a wave from the Trust Mass. Love Sarah, James and Jessica xxx

To Group 204, Charlotte, from Dan and Mary - To all in 204, thinking of you and have a wonderful pilgrimage!

To Group 206, from Sarah Barber - Wonder how many 206ers are checking the Tatler even though the group isn't in Lourdes this year! Send a message back if you too are missing being with the HCPT this year. Love to you all, Sarah xx

To Group 212, Stephen (group leader), from Karen & Laura - Wishing 212 a happy & healthy 2018 pilgrimage! We are loving seeing your photos so far, and feeling sad that we aren't with you. Have a wonderful week! x

To Group 213, Amelia - Sending all my love to group 213 wish I could be with you this year. Remember to 'give God the glory glory' this week and have an amazing time all you 'children of the lord!!' Extremely jealous of you all!! Light a candle for my A-level courses at the grotto for me please!! Lots of love Duncan xx

To Group 213 - Hi Skye, hope your having a great time! Just wanted you to know Max ate your Maltesers so ill have to buy you some more for when you get back. Hope you and Cei Cei are having fun! Saw all your pics today. Will text tomorrow, love you! From Nanny .xxx


To Group 213 - Hi Skye, hope your having a lovely time. We all miss you. Tia is bored without you. The dogs are fine. Stay safe. Love you millions. Love from the mad house. Dad, Donna, tia, Tyler, Louie and Lillie. Xxxx

To Group 215, from Ruth - Gary I am so proud of you! You have been so brave and have overcome your anxieties so well. This wonderful experience will be so good for you and will boost your confidence so much. Just what you need! Group 215 thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Gary the chance to experience Lourdes and for being so kind, caring and understanding. Special thanks to Sharon, Abbie and Maiti! God bless you all, you wonderful people! Xxx

To Group 215 - Hello Poppy you look so happy on all the photos and videos - thank you to Sharon, Beth and Tierney for looking after you so well you look like you are having so much fun. I'm looking forward to you telling me all about your adventures. Love you lots and lots from mum xxx

To Group 306, Jonathan Price - Happy 21st birthday. Keep smiling. Enjoy. From Mike Denver.

To Group 306, Darragh - Happy 17th birthday. One to remember!

To Group 350 - Hello Maggie, So sorry we cannot be with you in Lourdes this year. Be sure to tell Our Lady that we hope to be back next year. We are with you in spirit,enjoy! Love from Cathy Nicoll

To Group 710, Frances - Hope you are enjoying yourself and had a fabulous Easter! Are you wearing your bandana properly? I hope you have enough vests as I found an unopened pack, you know how you can get a cold and it goes straight to your lungs now!!! See you soon Lots of love Kat, Lee and all the doggies Xoxoxo

To Group 710, Fran, from Nick Lee - Hope everything's going well - looks like you're having an excellent time! Fingers crossed there's no more able. Missing you loads & can't wait for you to be back. Say hi to the people I know! Love you baby xxx

To Group 710, Fran, from Katharine Butler-lloyd - Hope your having an amazing time !! Make sure your keeping my mum in your prayers x

To Group 710, Martin Hutchinson and co., from Ben Guzdek - Hi guys, Gutted I aren't there to share some happy memories with you lot (maybe next year). Hope you are all well and have a wonderful pilgrimage in Lourdes! Best wishes, BG x

To Group 763, NBS, from Barry O'Sullivan - Hope you are having a fantastic time! Remember to pray for us all at the Grotto!