Thursday 25th April - your messages

Here's today's "Tatler" messages from HCPT's daily Easter newsletter

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To Group 14 - Hello Alfie we all saw the pictures they look amazing hope you're having a great time Joan was over yesterday and got to see them to . We have been watching the mass this morning trying to see you all enjoy the rest of your time in Lourdes see you Saturday everyone says hello love mummy , Gabriel ,grandma auntie Regina and auntie Elaine x x

To Group 14 - Hello Kamani, I hope you are well. Jane has been sending me lots of pictures of you all. They are a joy to see and you look like you are having so much fun, I am very proud of you. It?s also very cool of you to teach everyone how to floss. I had to look it up on the internet as I didn?t know what it was, I must be getting old lol. I hope you enjoyed the Trust Mass I will try to tune in and and see if I spot you. Love Mum & everyone x

To Group 16 - Hey there Palmers I?m going to be looking for you and that naughty chicken at the Trust Mass in the morning! Keep on dancing! Love Ronni, David, Louise and Joseph xxx

To Group 16, Laura - Hope your having a fantastic time, the photos that i have been sent look Fab! We love you lots and will you soon. All our love Mom, Dad, Alex, Kristy, Faith and the two dogs xx

To Group 23, from Pat Cochrane - Hi Eileen Michael Emma Rebecca and all at Group 23 I hope you are all having a great time. I will be tuning in with you all in the morning. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Your weather looks lovely not so nice here. Hope I haven't wakened you all up. Get right to the front of these cameras in the morning. Love to you all xx

To Group 24 - Lovely Lisa! Sending you a massive hug for all the good you're doing this week :) I wish I was there with you - really missing out on Lisa, Justin, Andy, Christian and Connie time! I hope the soup has stewed to a lovely consistency by now and that you're not all filling up on bread ;) Take care, enjoy the rest of the week and I'm sending you all my love. Claire xx

To Group 24, from George Gelder - Group 24 have a great time all our love Ann and George Gelder We will look for you on the WebCam at the trust mess

To Group 25 - Hi I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all and HCPT for giving charley Ann another fantastic opportunity to join you at Lourdes. You are all wonderful people and I have really enjoyed getting to know you all. With all my heart thank you again for your kindness. Clair

To Group 25, from Paul Robinson - Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great Trust Mass...We saw you on the Live Stream...The banner made an appearance twice also. We are not missing it at all...We were just sat at watching, singing along with our hoodies on. We had the doors open so we could feel the draft and made our own banner out of a tea towel which i processed into the room with. Again...not missing it at all. Have a great day tomorrow.

To Group 25, from The Robinsons - Hi Everyone... The torchlight looked amazing! (Banner was looking on top form also!) We have everything set to watch the trust mass... we will be looking out for you. Hope that Group Leader of yours is behaving! Oh and its about time for the best Knock Knock joke ever... Knock, knock. Who?s there? Banana. Banana who? Knock, knock. Who?s there? Banana. Banana who? Knock, knock. Who?s there? Orange. Orange who? ORANGE YOU GLAD I DIDN?T SAY BANANA!

To Group 37, Christopher - We will watch the mass on tv and look out for you Thinking of you all in Lourdes Marina

To Group 41, from Brian J Surrey - I was in group 41 in 1972 and 1974, It was very special to me esp the first visit. It was a north east group. Hope you all having a fab time and I ve prayed for you this week.

To Group 42 - Dear Beth, We hope all is going well and that Group 42 is having its usual good time with no mishaps. Philippa and I will be sitting on the couch watching Trust Mass this morning and looking out for you. Philippa has an operation tomorrow to remove a couple of lumps so light a candle and say a prayer for her. love and prayers for you all Tom

To Group 43 - Wishing you a great week in Lourdes. Love Kevin & Siobhan in Abu Dhabi. Well done jack in your first year as group leader. U will be missing your golf on a regular basis.

To Group 44 - My first HCPT experience carol singing in Manchester Airport back in our school days! Happy memories of Whiteheads, O?Connors, Mary, John and course Phillip. Sending so much love to current pilgrims, especially my 50 mile walk roomy, Lovely Liz, and beautiful Bolton buddy, Pauline. Love Ronni xxx

To Group 44, from Michaela, Paul, Dan and Matt - Dear group 44 - sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers! I'm sure you are having a beautiful holiday with Our Lady in Lourdes, enjoy creating all those special memories x

To Group 49, from Carol Anne hammond - Wednesday already, group photo day, baths, walking on air up to cafe for hot warming drinks. Party night, not time to feel tired, keep on movin, keep on praying, keep on loving keep on singing, there must be a few favourite songs on the play list by now, mines Nahh Nahh we all know Ellen goes, no boys night out! You are so special, each and every one of you, love you all, watching for u at mass in morning, with my Pom poems xx

To Group 74, Alice - Hello Princess we have all been following facebook about everybody's adventures and we cannot wait to hear about your own personal journey. You make us proud each and every day. We are missing you so much. Hope everyone in group 74 are also having an amazing time. Love you lots. Mummy, Daddy, A.Kayleigh, A Kerry, U Paul, Grandma, Grandad, Alice, Arthur, Betsy, Reuben, Harrison and Angus xxx

To Group 74, Harrison , from Mary - Hi everyone , hope you?re having a fantastic time ! Hello Harry - I love you loads and can?t wait to see you ! Enjoy every moment . I love you , Nanna xxx

To Group 75 - Hello.kala so proud of you hun.our joshua's looks like hes having a ball I'm so pleased he got to experience this adventure that's because your the best mammy ever. Anne Marie your a star and well done to you for the last 10yrs such a shame its coming to an end.hi five all you guys for helping out I'm sure she couldn't have done it with out you.make the most of the last couple of days kala & Joshua I love you can't wait to have you home haha mammy & nanna xxx

To Group 75, Jenna Ducky , from Ducky - Happy Birthday Ducky, Hope you have a amazing day (quack quack) x

To Group 75, Jenna - Happy birthday. Hope you have a lovely day. Hope your having a lovely time. See you soon xxx love Jennifer.

To Group 75, Jenna, from Gemma - Happy Birthday Jenna have a lovely birthday. Hope you are having a great time. Keep up the good work. Proud of you ? xx

To Group 75, Jenna, from Karen - Would like to wish jen jen a happy birthday for 5th April lots of love from your purple army and tenants at monkwray. Hope your all having a fab time and the sun is shining. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and safe journey home to you all.

To Group 75 - What a fantastic week your all having . Miss you so much Gracie and Joe is missing you too , he hasn?t got anyone to fall out with :) Love you heaps mam xx

To Group 75, Jenna, from Gillian - A big happy birthday jenna you are all amazing people happy 10th anniversary group 75 come alive come alive with 75 angel brush you're hair xxx love ya nana xxx

To Group 75, from Ann Marie - Well as another year comes to and and wat can I say omg amazing ... I just want to thank each helper for returning year after year and believing in the group for all our new helpers u have been fab and to all the children in the group who are our VIP's.. thanks for sharing this amazing week and making our 10 years anniversary kinda special xx

To Group 75, from Katy - I am loving Lourdes so much I really love you all in group 75

To Group 76 - Hi Emmy n Cody, watched the trust mass it was awesome ?. The holy spirit surely touched many at that celebration. Could spot the yellow tops didn't get glimpse of you all but I'm sure you had a fabulous celebration. Love you. Grandma xx

To Group 76 - Eva, Hope you are having a ball. I'm sure you are having an amazing experience and can't wait to hear all about it. Thinking of you my lovely and see you when you get home. Much love and big hugs. God bless, from auntie annette and uncle paul. Xxx Love you Xx

To Group 76 - Hi Eva, was good to hear your voice yesterday. Glad to hear your having a good time. What a busy week you've had so far. Missing you lots, love from mum and Ellie xxx

To Group 76 - Hi Harry. It?s your sister Shannon. I hope you?re having a fun time and I hope you have a great birthday. We miss you lots x P.S I ate your Easter egg. Sorry :)

To Group 76 - Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Wee Harry Happy Birthday to you xxx Love and miss u son, hope u have the most amazing birthday ever..hope to hear from you at some point today. Be good, Love u millions xxx From your family ?

To Group 76, Emma-Leigh and Cody - Hi hope your all having a fantastic time. Auntie Erin Uncle David, Aaron and Theo send their love. Hope the weather is still good for you all. Lots of Love Grandma xx

To Group 76 - Hi Angela and everyone in group 76. We hope you?re having a brilliant time in Lourdes. We can?t wait to hear all about it. We are sending you lots of love and prayers. Enjoy the rest of the week :) Jo, Thomas, Jim, James and Emma x x x

To Group 76 - Hi Luke, hope you are having lots of fun in Lourdes, and having lots of nice coffee!! Love Dad

To Group 76 - Hi Eva hope your having fun can't wait to hear all about it missing u lots Love you Dad and Denise xxx

To Group 76, Rachel & Antonia - Jac & Angela too.Hope your all having a great time. Be sure to get a group photo with my boy! Christine xx

To Group 84, Mystery Girl #3, from Josh - Dear Mystery Girl #3, I was wondering if you would like to meet for a play date? Auntie Gael says we?re allowed to go on le petit train, but we have to be back to our hotel by 6pm for fish fingers and smiley faces. Love you, Josh xxx ps - James isn?t allowed out to play now.

To Group 86, from Lozza - Wonderful 86! Can?t believe its time for pampering and Trust Mass already! Having fun?! I?ll be watching on the webcam looking out for you here in Guernsey on Thursday morning (and I?ll probably join in with rise and shine!) Enjoy the pampering (you?ve early it!) and enjoy Trust Mass! Newbies, prepare to have your minds blown! Lots of love your resident stalker and messages sender! Lozza xxx Ps you might need a holiday after to recover... long weekend to Guernsey anyone..?! #86Reunion

To Group 97 - Hello bell, we are all missing you and coco is missing her cuddles from you! Everyone at home is well and thinking of you lots. Can?t wait to hear more about your fun days and new friends. Love mam, ps you?ve got more Easter eggs waiting for you back at home.

To Group 97 - Hi Jasmine. So glad you are having a lovely time. Remember don?t buy me anything, spend the money on yourself. Love you. Mummy XxX

To Group 97, from Maria - Hiya Maddie We all loved your zoo pictures! Everyone liked look they had a fab time We have watched the service on the webcam Nanny was super excited to hear from you! Nanny said 'Oh so lovely love' and felt very important that you had rung her Very sunny here now - not sure if it will last! Love from everyone:)

To Group 97, Sian - Hope you are having a wonderful week in Lourdes and weather good. Enjoy your downtime too! ? Love mum and Peter

To Group 97, from Nan - Hi Tyrone glad to hear you're having a lovely time we all miss you, but you enjoy yourself because it will go that quick. See you soon love from all the family xxx

To Group 98, Margaret, from Ribena - Hope you're all having a great week and making the most of every minute and that plans are well on the way for the posh party in the Paradis! Have one or two cream cakes for me. Rising and shining Ribena... a real cool cat. 98 love xx

To Group 102 - Congratulations on your 40th year. It takes a lot of hard work to get to this stage. But you?ll never catch us up! P.s try to protect your banner for another 40 years. Lots of love Group 97 Xxx

To Group 105, from Noni and grancha - Hi matti, hope you enjoyed your time on the airplane and you are having a great time. Have seen loads of fab photos, enjoy the rest of your trip. Love you loads. Xx

To Group 111, Martha, from Mary Clarke - Hi Group 111. Hope you all are enjoying your week in Lourdes. I wish I could be there & be bumping in to you all as we pass each other on the streets. I have thought about you all everyday. You will be in my thoughts today as you celebrate at the Trust Mass. Sending a big hug to you all. Love you all...deep down in my heart! X x

To Group 122, Claire - Hey there Sunshine?s I?m going to be looking for you at the Trust Mass in the morning! Give us a wave! Hope you enjoyed the ice creams! Love Ronni, David, Louise and Joseph xxx

To Group 122 - So where is your tutu Jack? Last nights candle light procession looks beautiful, so amazing to be part of something so special with so many wonderful friends. ( I wish I was there!) Still got pouring rain here whilst you bask in sunshine! Well Annie and I had a lovely shopping day in York today, Tom loved football, you know doubt got lots of strikes at bowling. Love you to the moon and back, Mum Dad Annie & Tom XxxxX??

To Group 123 - Vicki and Claire, what a lovely surprise to get a phone call from you though it made me feel sad, not to be there with you...?. It sounds like you are having an amazing time, with still lot's to look forward to over the next couple of days especially the Trust Mass, party time and your night off. enjoy it all and make the most of tbe sunshine...?. Love to everyone and you know what I've got 'Hotter than Hot Eileen xxx

To Group 131 - Happy Birthday Clare Love from all The Prestons xxx

To Group 131, Clare, from Molly Gascoyne - Happy Birthday to our fabulous Group Leader!! Have a lovely day! Lots of love Leeds 131 xx

To Group 133, from Jonathan Garvey - Bonjour all, Hope you all are having a fantastic week and hopefully not too much rain. Hope you had a brilliant time in gavarnie and that there was lots of sledding. Enjoy the rest of the Pilgrimage. Lots of love Jonathan

To Group 138, Bridgets (aka Angela and Angela), from Bridget - Hi Group 138! Hope you are all having a ball with Mary Doll! Remember the Bridgets and families in your prayers down La Grotte. Have a wonderful week together! Love and best wishes from the rest of the Bridgets xxx

To Group 140 - Hi everyone hope you are all having an amazing week we have been looking out for you on the grotto webcams. We will be watching the trust mass tomorrow and looking out for you all. Have an amazing time and hope the sun shines. Please remember us all in your prayers and on the group candle. Love and lots of hugs Karen, Ian, Hannah, Callum, Connor and James ( aka baby f) xxx

To Group 150, from Alex - To all the lovely people in Group 150. I hope you have a wonderful week making amazing memories with each other. Have a fabulous Trust Mass, I will be watching and keeping you in my thoughts. Lots of hugs, Alex xx

To Group 155, from Fiona - To Grandad Chris, I'm being a good boy while you're away and looking forward to watching my first ever Trust Mass today. Lots of love, Emrys xxx

To Group 155, from Victoria Barlow - Happy birthday Grandma (Janet) with love from all your grandchildren. What a special place to celebrate your birthday. x

To Group 170, from Mrs Ashworth - Hi Orlaith...hope you are having lots of fun in Lourdes. Look forward to hearing all about it. ?

To Group 170 - Hello Missy!! We can all see from the pictures you are having a fantastic time!! We cannot wait to hear it all about it when you get back. Until then have lots of fun ??? Oana (Wanna) Jacob and Eva Xx

To Group 170, Toby - Missing you very much little man. You've been so brave and we are so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you very much on Saturday. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time until then. All our love mummy and dadda.XX

To Group 179 - Hi James. Hope you had a super time yesterday up in the morning the photos looked fantastic. Darius says that your being good. Mummy very proud of you. Nanny and Grandad send there love to you. Yasmin and Josh also say Hi. Enjoy your last few days looking forward to seeing you on Saturday to play nip nips. Love Mummy and Gipsy x

To Group 179, from Rachel May - Hey Ben, missing you big boy! Tommy went swimming with Joel today and Sam is here. Hope you?re loving your time in Lourdes darling, love you loads! Xxx

To Group 179 - Hello Elliot, we are so happy you are having fun. Kelly and the kids all say hello! We are looking forward to hearing all about your time at Lourdes. Love from mum and grandma xxx

To Group 179 - Hiya James, Hope your still having a super time, Nanna would be so happy and proud of you. Nanna always wanted to go to Lourdes and would be so pleased that your there. Lots of love as always. Grampy Bob, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Gareth xxx

To Group 179, Gabby and Olivia - Well I hear you are having a wonderful time and the weather is being kind and the sun in shinning mummy and the chihuahuas are missing you both loads and love you very much and send you both lots of hugs and kisses .. enjoy your time 179 Nikki

To Group 180 - Hello Dominic, Looks like you're having a lovely time in Lourdes. We send you all our love and hugs and can't wait to see you and have a big special hug from you. God bless Dominic. Safe home love Grandma and Granddad xxx

To Group 183, Alex - Well, here you are again, but this time as a helper and we can?t tell you enough how extremely proud we are of you. Please light a candle for Tyler and enjoy your time there with all those lovely people. Mum & Dad xxx

To Group 187, Liv and all in RAF group - Looking forward to seeing you March proudly into Trust Mass to celebrate 100 years of the RAF. Will be watching you online and with you in thought. Take care all love Nikki xx

To Group 192, The Dinosaur, The Pig the Shark and the Monkey in room 201, from Ollie - Dear Dinosaur, Pig, Shark and Monkey, I'm so glad you are happy in my room, however You seem to have an inflated view of your importance within the group; please don't invite any more of your friends to join you - Giraffe and Elephant , and a palm tree! I think it only fair to tell you that I will not be able to take you home with you due to EU restrictions on movement of animals, I have made arrangements for you to be accommodated at the Zoo d'Asson where HCPT groups may visit you. Best wishes Ollie

To Group 195, Lucy, from Sarah - Thinking of you all the time baby love and miss you xxx

To Group 195, Lissie - Hope the weather is still lovely (we are jealous because its raining here) and you are having fun. Love you soo much. Love and hugs from Mam & Dad xx

To Group 199, Kim - Love to all our lovely friends in Group 199. Thank you for making this happen. Big hug to Mark and special hallo from Lucy and his Wanstead family. Mega Happy Birthday to 199 Lucy. It is here at last !!! See you all Sunday. Lots of love Teresa, Mike, Victoria and Romaeo.

To Group 201 - Dear Martha. We hope you are all having a lovely time. We'll be looking out for you at the Trust Mass tomorrow. Big hugs, Mummy, Daddy & Orla xxx

To Group 204 - Hi Bethany and all of Group 204. Hope you are having a fab time. Hope the weather is good. I will be looking out for you all at the Trust Mass on Thursday. Give us a wave! Missing you Bethany but I have to say it is nice and peaceful here especially at dinner-time. Hope your ankles are holding out. See you on Saturday. Love Mum and Dad, Tom and Lucy. xxx

To Group 209, from Mary Clarke - Thinking of you all & wishing I was there with you. I have thought about you Hosanna House...on the little train...torchlight procession..& especially today at the Trust Mass. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your time out there. Please remember me at the Grotto. A big Lourdes from me to you. Love you all..deep down in my heart! X x x

To Group 215 - Hi poppy hope your having a wonderful time, looks like you are really enjoying yourself, I watched the videos of you singing and dancing and you looked amazing and looks so much fun, see you soon Michelle and Tobey x

To Group 216 - To all the Manchester Region looks like you are all having an amazing time. Been thinking of you all this week. Enjoy your special Trust day tomorrow and the love that Surrounds you all in Lourdes xxx Liz Perry

To Group 231, Skye - Hello again my lovely. Sorry this message is a bit late. I?ve been so busy getting everything ready for the caravan. Another mad night in the crazy house. It?s been snowing here , think we are going to be freezing in this caravan. I?d rather be where you are though. Have a fab time. Will message again tomorrow. We all miss you. Dad is sorting the fish out (again) haha. He says he loves you and to have a lovely time. Nanny is at home with Aunty Susan on the lemonade. Dogs say hello too. Love you millions xxx

To Group 310, Andy Effer, from Scott Hanlon - To all of the Armed Forces Region and to the Lime Green Machine Jet Set 310! Hope you are all having a beautiful pilgrimage - my Easter doesn?t feel the same. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Rise and Shine! Scotty H x

To Group 310 - Hi Dom, Just wanted you to know how proud we are of you, for what you are doing ,to give someone a very special time in Lourdes. Enjoy your last couple of days . We all look forward to seeing you on Saturday evening. Have a safe journey home. All our love Mandy , Emily ,Antony , Thomas and of course a big sloppy kiss from Benny .xxx

To Group 376, Frank, from Colette Dorman - Group 376 would like to wish a very happy 70th birthday to their special friend Frank Canning. Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating in the Lourdes sunshine! Xxx

To Group 710, Fran, from Nick - Good morning my love, hope the trust mass is amazing today - I'll try to find you on the live stream! Still missing you xx

To Group 721, Alessandra - Hi, hey, hello =) Wishing you and all of Group 721 a wonderful week in Lourdes. We hope you have an amazing and inspirational time =) Super gutted we're not in Lourdes with you and really hoping to see you all soon and definitely next year in Lourdes! Enjoy the Trust Mass, we'll be looking out for you =) Rise and shine all week you crazy moose =) Love and peace, Matthew and Tamara xxx

To Group 736, Noah & Delron - Thank you so... much for all your help this week. You have been fantastic & a really important part of our group. From all of Group 51.

To Group 737, Mary, from Andie and Gracie-Jayne - Missing you and the experience! Love to everyone in the Welsh region. Roll on 2019 x

To central support team, Katie, from your HCPT family - happy birthday!

To Group 710, Martin Hutchinson from Daddy Hutch, Celebrating 20 years of travelling to Lourdes! I met a young girl who had a dream. To do the normal things in life, have a good education, get married, have a home and have a child. But life gave her an added disadvantage because she was disabled. That young girl was Sandra. When she was 17 Sandra came to Lourdes. The start of an amazing journey. By the time Sandra was 21 she had become a Catholic, got married and was expecting our baby. That baby was to be called Martin (Baby Hutch). Considering all the difficulties life put in Sandra's way, Martin was a Lourdes miracle. At 9, Martin made his first trip to Lourdes with Group 101 thanks to Ellen and that started his journey with HCPT and Lourdes. Even when we did not travel to Lourdes with HCPT as a family we were involved in the fundraising. Martin travelled to Lourdes many times with his life-long friend and adopted sister, Amy. As he has grown his own experience of what he can bring to the Lourdes experience has grown. Martin started his own group 8 years ago and his aim for his group is to be a foundation from which more groups can bring more and more people to the Lourdes experience. With a total of 20 pilgrimages to Lourdes is just the beginning. Roll on the next 20 and more. Congratulations and well done Son! We both love you very much.

To Group 710, Baby Hutch - Happy 20th Anniversary Martin! We are super lucky to have a true Lourdes miracle as a group leader. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for 710. All our love, your 710 girls xxx