This year's pilgrimage theme

Cariad - God's love is the best love!

Our theme for 2019 is, Cariad – God's love is the best love.​ Cariad is an important word in Wales, it means love. ​

Love is a universal feeling which is felt by every living being​ on this earth. It describes the sense of attachment and ​affection you can feel towards somebody or something.

The word, Cariad can also be used as a term of ​ affection whilst talking with people you are close to. ​The Welsh also use the word, Cwtch ​which means a warm hug or cuddle. ​

The most important thing we can do as Christians ​is love God and love God's people. ​

But before we can love anyone, we have to receive ​God's love. ​Because you can't give away something you don't have.​

During your week in Lourdes, ​may you receive God's love and ​share this with your HCPT family. ​

Share a cwtch or call ​someone, ​'cariad'. ​

At the end of the week take God's love home with you.