Holy Saturday 20th April - your messages

Here's today's "Tatler" messages from HCPT's daily Easter newsletter

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To Group 1, from Pat Franklin - Welcome back, wishing the whole group a wonderful pilgrimage. You are all special. Let the fun begin. Lots of love from Group 310 xXx

To Group 14, Jane Day, from Robert Haddad - Dear Jane and all group 14 Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter Hope you have a wonderful time in Lourdes Will be missing you all I will be thinking of you all and will keep looking to the camera hoping to see you all love to all

To Group 26, Tina, from Catherine Smith - Dear Group 26 Hope you all have a wonderful week especially the VIPs. You are all in my prayers. Happy Easter Love from Dave and Cathy. Xc

To Group 32, Thorns family, from Enna thorns - Have a wonderful week as helpers and friends to all the lovely people lucky enough to be travelling in Group 32. Happy Easter to you all. Keep warm and dry! Love Roger and Enna. See you all Wednesday.

To Group 32, Issie, Jess, Ollie and Ed, from Andy Thorns - Hope the Thorns takeover of Gp 32 goes well and you all have a fab time! Look after Colette if you see her out there Love to all the wonderful people of Grp 32! Look forward to hearing all the stories when you get home

To All of Group 36 - Hope you all have a wonderful week in Lourdes Group 36! Love, Rachel Thompson

To Group 45, Cath Fennell, from Christine Wilkinson - I do hope you are all having a fantastic time in Lourdes and that the sun is shining brightly on you as you do all of your activities.

To Group 49, from Carol Anne Hammond - Pace yourselves on the tea n cafe au lait, knowing you will be reading this in tearoom, have fun filled safe week, pray for me and hope the sun shines on your processions through Lourdes, you have all worked incredibly hard to get here and we know how short this week is. Sing dance pray and be happy, missing being amongst you all, love Carol Anne

To Group 53, Roz Lyall, from Andrea English - Hope you all have a great time! This last year has gone quickly; we're really grateful to you all for giving our boys such a treat last Easter. Love from us all xx

To Group 53, from Mary - Love from the Rathbones we are with you in thoughts and prayers xxx 53 rules ok xxx

To Group 53, from Alison Smith - Wishing all of Group 53 an amazing week in Lourdes. Missing you and wishing you much fun and many magic moments. Love Alison and Dennis xx

To Group 56, All helpers and children, from Bernadette Roberts - Lots of love to you all. Will be thinking about you and watching out for you at the Trust Mass. Enjoy!! Xx

To Group 74, Andie, from Lesley Senior-Watson - Have a fabulous week on pilgrimage Andie and a wonderful and blessed Easter xx

To Group 75, from Emma-Jane Taylor - Hope you had a good journey. Have a fabulous week guys and celebrate your 10th Anniversary trip. Big hugs to Katy xxx

To Group 86!, from ?? Laura ?? - Hey 86! Wishing you a fantastic week in Lourdes full of laughter, smiles and the happiest days! Hope the sun shines all week! Lots of love Lozza and the rest of the Odges xxx ???

To Group 88, Annmarie, from Rebecca - Hi Ann Marie Father James and Helena hope you all have a great time in Lourdes

To Group 106, Claire Dembovskis and all helpers of group 106, from Linda Hawbrook - Well done Claire for getting us all to Lourdes and arranging everything so well. Youhave done a fantastic job taking on the Group Leader role and know you will lead us all so well this week. Good luck also to Sara in her new role as Deputy and our fab nurse Lee who continues to look after us all so well. May our new helpers be bitten by the same Lourdes bug as the rest of us and come back again. Last but not least, wishing our lovely special sponsored children a fantastic week. Lots of love Linda xxx

To Group 117, Tobias, Jane and all the children and helpers, from Anna Olliffe - Wishing you a wonderful pilgrimage and lots of fun. Thinking of you all this week. With love from Anna, Wes and Leo xxx

To Group 122, Scarlett, from Andrea Bovingdon - Love you hope you have an amazing time love mum and dad and Oscar ma

To Group 122, Neil Ballantyne, from Claire Shanks - I've heard on the grape vine that there is a new comedian in town and he's going down a storm! Move over Neil, John has far better jokes and can do his stand up routine in half the time you can! You don't know what you're doing! Best wishes, Peter Kay

To Group 122, Claire Shanks, from James C - To Claire you do the best things that you do at Lourdes. You are the best Leader.

To Group 131, from Alison Patel - Hope you all have a fabulous week in Lourdes. Make sure Magic Mitul behaves himself! Lots of love The Patels xx

To Group 141, from Clare Kingman - Hope you crazy lot have a wonderful and special journey this year. Love you all lots! Keep up the music making xxx

To Group 150, Nick Addison, from Gary Wright - To The Armed Forces Region. Have a great week. Love, laugh and pray together. Know that you are loved and missed. Say a prayer for me. Rise and Shine. Ask Nick Addison to sing the Pirate Ship song it's great

To Group 155, from Colette & Nick - Wishing you all a very happy & safe trip. Thinking of you all. Love & prayers.

To Group 183, Emma Moore, from Bev and Bern Kleiser - Looking forward to another amazing week with Group 183 and our amazing children . Lets hope the sun shines and if not we all bring our waterproofs !!!

To Group 192, Ollie Shallis, from Laura Lewis - Hope you all have a wonderful week. Will be following you all and praying with you in my heart.

To Group 194, Beth, from Diane Harvey - Happy Pilgrimage Group 194. Hope you have a fabulous, fun filled week. P.S. Michael!!!... please look after my baby Beth for me, keep her out of mischief! God Bless, Diane, Laurence and James Harvey xxx

To Group 195, from Ruth Maddison - Hello 195 Hope you all have a fab week! Sing loudly, dance and have fun!! Lots of love Ruth & Edward Xxxx

To Group 195, Claire Woolley, from Clare Maddison - Hope you all have a fabulous week! ! Will be thinking of you all. Will keep watching for you on web-cams. Miss you loads lots of love xx


To Group 207, Mirrin, from Shirley McClune - I hope you are having a fantastic time and Gran and Auntie Geraldine are behaving x love you lots and lots Mum, Dad & Bruno x

To All in 207, from Eugene - Here's to a fantastic week in Lourdes - hope everyone has a fantastic time. God bless.

To Group 212, Stephen Nevans, from Elaine Neeson - Hi Everyone in group 212. Have a fantastic time, I will be looking out for you at the grotto from the Web cam and especially at the trust mass. Remember and sing out who the best group is. Lots of love Elaine

To Group 213, Kathryn Leonard, from John & Teresa Crich - Have a safe journey to one and all traveling on Easter Sunday.

To Group 215, Gary, from Ruth Bishop - God bless Gary and group 215 for taking him to Lourdes. We're so proud of you Gary and hope that you enjoy every minute in France. Love you lots from Mum, Lily and Ruby xxx

To Group 215, Poppy, from Michelle Crick - Have an amazing time away Poppy, enjoy yourself, lots of love Asa, Evan & Michelle.xxx

To Group 215, Poppy, from Jade Rushin - Hello Poppy, I hope you enjoyed going on the aeroplane. Have a nice Easter weekend. Love big sister jade x

To Group 215, Poppy, from Lesley - Hi poppy hope you have a superduper time with lots of fun xx love george max louis and lesley xx

To Group 215, Poppy, from Tess (mum) - Hello Poppy, we hope you're having a great time in Lourdes ? you look very happy in the pictures that Beth has been sending over. Keep smiling princess ?? with lots of love from mum and dad xxx

To Group 310, from Pat Franklin - Wishing the whole group a wonderful pilgrimage. You are all special. Let the fun begin xXx

To Group 310, Alfie, from Pat Franklin - Darling Alfie, you are special. Hope you have a fantastic week in Lourdes. Love you always Nana xXx

To Group 310, Becca, from Pat Franklin - Darling Becca, so very proud of you. Hope you have a wonderful week. Love you always Mum xXx

To Group 310, Gemma, from Pat Franklin - Gemma, welcome to group 310 and your first pilgrimage. Hope you have a wonderful week. Lots of love Patricia xXx

To Group 376, Clare Anderson, from Rebecca - Hi Clare mummy Lizz and all in group 376 miss you lot have a great time say a prayer for me Rebecca

To Group 710, Martin Hutchinson, from Granny Sylvia - Have a Great Pilgrimage. Sorry I won't see you in Lourdes this Easter and I'll miss our regular Group photo. X x x