HCPTV - celebrating our pilgrimages to Lourdes

Everyone who has joined us on pilgrimage, beneficiaries and helpers alike, has a story to tell. These fortnightly short films will share some of the those precious memories.

If you would like to talk about your experience with HCPT, and perhaps star in a future episode please contact david.pepworth@hcpt.org.uk for more information.

The latest episodes

2. memories (released 28th November 2020)

2. Remembrance (released 14th November 2020)

Join Andy Clare, HCPT's Head of Education and Youth, as he introduces the second episode of HCPTV. Rev Dave - regional chaplain for HCPT Armed Forces talks about remembrance, and group leaders Peter (HCPT Group 161 - East London) and Michele (HCPT Group 86 - Bury St Edmunds) tell us what keeps them coming back to Lourdes.If you would like to share your HCPT story, or would like to contact us please email david.pepworth@hcpt.org.uk.

1. HCPT's young helpers (released 31st October 2020)

Welcome to the first episode of HCPTV, our new series of fortnightly films focussed on the incredible stories that come from our pilgrimages to Lourdes. This programme features young people from The Irish Pilgrimage Trust, and Caitlin - Youth Representive from HCPT Wales, and helper with HCPT Group 102 (Dowlais).

To find out more about HCPT's work with young people please contact andy.clare@hcpt.org.uk.