Three HCPT supporters will enjoy a new year windfall, thanks to winning the top prizes in the charity’s latest Grand Draw, which was drawn earlier this week.

Ms Courtney from London won the £4,000 top prize, with Mr Doolan from Liverpool winning the second prize of £1,000, and Mr Wojtkowiak from Wallsend winning the £750 third prize.

The following people won the runner up prizes of £20:

  1. Ms Angole, Coulsdon
  2. Ms Atherton, London
  3. Ms Barnard, Poole
  4. Ms Cassidy, Coatbridge
  5. Mr Checkley, Plymouth
  6. Mr Cooray, Blackwood
  7. Ms D’Avanzo, Aylesford
  8. Mrs Edwards, Wrexham
  9. Ms Gallagher, Wallsend
  10. Mr Griffiths, Southsea
  11. Mrs Guerin, Welwyn Garden City
  12. Mr Haddow, Keynsham
  13. Mr Harrison, Morpeth
  14. Ms Horn, Preston
  15. Ms John, London
  16. Mrs McCallion, Greenock
  17. Mrs McHugh, Manchester
  18. Mr Mayiba, London
  19. Mr Miller, Glasgow
  20. Mr Millett, Cardiff 
  21. Ms O’Dwyer, London
  22. Ms Parlane, Stafford
  23. Mr Sparks, Romford
  24. Mr and Mrs Taylor, Eastbourne
  25. Ms Wallace, Wallington

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual Grand Draw.