HCPT’s pilgrimages for disabled and disadvantaged people rely solely on the generosity of our supporters. One way to ensure our work continues is to leave a gift in your Will. It will help us continue to give future generations the unique experience of an HCPT pilgrimage holiday to Lourdes.

Margaret, who has left a gift in her Will to HCPT, says:Margaret

I’ve supported HCPT since 1967, mostly as a helper, and I’ve seen at first hand the positive impact on both disabled people and helpers. HCPT makes a real difference to the lives of all who travel with them on pilgrimage and I really want their work to continue so that more disabled people, their families and helpers can benefit in the future.

HCPT would like to thank the following supporters and their families for generous gifts recently left in their Will:

  • Kathleen Aldred
  • Margaret Branney
  • Shirley Brydges
  • Marjorie Cunningham
  • Zonia Dagger
  • Pauline Eason
  • Tim Eaton
  • Isma Glyn-Smith
  • Honora Grace
  • Shirley Hawes
  • Albert Jones
  • Margaret Lewis
  • Eveleen and John McBride
  • Evelyn McGeeney
  • Eileen McMahon
  • Maria Mignanelli
  • Christopher Miles
  • Monica Morgan
  • Margaret Owen
  • Maureen Reynolds
  • Bobby Sheppard

Please contact George Mullis, Donor Contact Manager, on 01788 564646 for advice and information about how you can leave a gift in your Will to HCPT.