Easter Sunday 21st April - your messages

Here's today's "Tatler" messages from HCPT's daily Easter newsletter

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To Group 1, Nathan, from Michèle - Can't thank you enough for your hand of friendship today. I'm sorry I was even too wobbly to thank you properly. All better now my feet are firmly on the ground. Will buy you a drink when I see you. Michèle (group 86) xx

To Group 11, Gillian - Happy Birthday Littlen - we hope you have great birthday and a fabulous time in Lourdes. Love Dan, Jo and Henry xxx

To Group 16, from Jenny Bevan - Wishing Group 16 a fun filled fantastic week in Lourdes. Hope Dr David got everyone's order right on the plane? Enjoy your pegging exploits! Love from the Bevans xx

To Group 25 - Hello Adelle and all of Group 25 Hope you all had a safe journey and are all settled in ? Have a fantastic week, I can't wait to see all of the updates ? Adelle I hope you've had a great 13th Birthday today, love you lots gorgeous ?? Take care Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

To Group 25 - My lovely Adelle, You have had a tough year. I have been in your shoes at your age and it takes a strong determined person to be able to move forward. I am really proud of you. Look around you when you are in Lourdes. Appreciate what you have at home. Mix and meet as many people as you can. All have troubles and difficulties. You are not alone. All my Love, Miss Stef xxx

To Group 25, Charley Ann, from Rebecca - Hi sweetheart. Hope you have a lovely time in Lourdes with group 25. I know how much you have been looking forward to it. Have lots of fun darling. Love you lots love from your big sister and your niece xxx

To Group 25, from Paul Robinson - Hi Group 25... Hope you had a safe journey and arrived safely. It's very strange not been there with you... to make it easier... Anne has set a kettle up in the corner of the lounge...and i'm walking around with a camera. The view is a bit rubbish here though. We are off on a walk around Darlo and i have got the short straw and i'm on night duty looking after the Dog. Mind you... Anne wasn't happy about the door alarm on her door. Anyway... Knock Knock...(who's there)...Tank...Tank who?...Your welcome! Have a super week!

To Group 26, Greg, from David Roca-Mas - Greg - have an amazing first trip - does this mean you won't make football Thursday? To Tina and the group, light one for us, give the kids a week to remember and enjoy every minute. We miss you all. From The Roca-Mas Clan.

To Group 32, Bridget Mullens, from Marion Howard-Healy - Group 32 - sending all of you greetings for a Joyful Easter and a very happy pilgrimage holiday. Also, well done Lizzy - what a wonderful result! Love Marion

To Group 32, Jessie, Issy, Ed and Olly Thorns, from Enna and Roger - Good morning and Happy Easter to you all. Hope you all had a good sleep and ready for a wonderful day. Will be looking out for group 32 on the web cam. Look after Bridget she is very special. Love to you all. Roger and Enna xx

To Group 36, from Anna Merchant - Welcome to all Group 36 & especially the VIP's Lily Charlotte Eva Daniel Clara Amelia & Olly. Here's to a fun packed week!

To Group 41, Hannah, from Susan - Hello Group 41. Hope you all have a fantastic Easter Sunday in Lourdes and Happy 14th Birthday Hannah. xxx

To Group 45, from Claire - Group 45... Looking forward to your disco moves! lots of love groovy group 141

To Group 45, from Alex (37) - Oggy oggy oggy!

To Group 49, from Carol Anne Hammond - You are all special, well done at making this years early rise n shine, no time for being tired, day two lots to do, day three as previouslee ? Day four as before ,day five staying alive, keep praying, smiling and most of all singing in the valleys, shouting from those mountain tops, jesus came to save us, cos you are all 49 specials xxx

To Group 53, Ieuan, from Mary - Hope you have a great week Ieuan with group 53 See you soon in Lourdes From Auntie Mary Group 737

To Group 37, Bobby Foley, from Steph - Bob Jordan and the rest of the magnificent green machine. Have a fabulous week in Lourdes. I miss you more than you'll ever know. Forever green Steph xxx

To Group 73, from Liz Franks - Have a wonderful week Group 73! So many great memories of travelling with you - look forward to following you on Facebook this week as you make lots more. Liz xx

To Group 74, Alice - Enjoy each and every second of your journey in Lourdes Alice. You are a superstar who wanted to be on this journey for all the right reasons. Love you loads. God bless you all. Mummy, Daddy, Arthur, Betsy, Reuben and Harrison. Xx

To Group 74, Helen Regan , from Lesley Senior-Watson - May the love of the risen Lord bless everyone in Group 74 for Easter. Keep climbing sunshine mountain x

To Group 75, Ann Marie Rogan - HCPT75 have a great time, Love & Miss you all, lots of pics please. Love Vic & Maureen

To Group 75, Anne Marie Rogan - Hello group 75 and welcome to Lourdes. Hope you and your VIPs are ready to rise and shine. Sorry we are not there to celebrate your big 10 anniversary, but we know you will all have a brill time coming alive with 75. Much love Cath and Brendan xx

To Group 75, Annmarie Rogan, from Rose Morgan - Happy easter and anniversary to you all have a fab time , bless you all x

To Group 75, Grace, from Louise Ridley - Hope everyone has a fantastic week , love you Gracie miss you xx

To Group 75, Katy, from Sparky - Hope you are having a lovely time Katy and the rest of Group 75. I am getting spoiled at home. I had fish fingers for lunch and sleeping in the big bed on your blanket Katy. Have a lovely time and I'll see you when you get back - meow xxx

To Group 75, Katy, from Emma-Jane Taylor - Phew hope you all rest well after your super long journey. I hope the sun is shining and you're all smiling and singing! #ComeAliveWith75 #Rise&Shine xxx

To Group 76 - Hi Emma Leigh I hope you're having a lovely time. It's freezing back home so enjoy the nice warmer weather and l'll hear all about your new friends and adventures when you come back. Love Miss Clarke

To Group 76 - Hi Emma-Leigh, HAPPY EASTER! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Lourdes. How cool are those t-shirts that Miss Friel made for you all? I know that you will make the most of every minute you are there and I am keeping you and all of group 76 in my prayers this Easter! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures when you get back. Please pop into Primary 3 and tell us all! Have a wonderful time Emma-Leigh. Best wishes, Mrs Higgins x

To Group 76, Eva - Hi Eva hope you had a good journey. Ellie says she hopes you have a good time. Love you lots from mum and Ellie xxx

To Group 76, Rachel Friel, from Lorraine Clarke - Hi dolly hope you're having a lovely time and enjoying spending time with your group. You're a wee star taking all these kids on such a wonderful trip each year. Can't wait to hear all about it. Lorraine xxx

To Group 76, Rachel Friel, from Angela Higgins - Hiii, Thought you deserved a wee delivery too. Just want to tell you again how wonderful you are! What a special thing you are doing, giving up your time on your holidays to take these kids away. I think you are a beautiful person inside and out. Have a lovely time and can't wait to see you when you get back! We have 30th celebrations to catch up on too. Happy Easter! Love and hugs, Angela. xx

To Group 76 - Hi Eva it's Dad and Denise hope your settling in great have a great time can't wait to hear all about it missing u already love you loads and load . Dad and Denise

To Group 81, Anthony - Have a wonderful time Anthony All the best to Gemma Pat and Rebecca and Fr GED and all xxx Love Shelagh McKeever Thanks so much to all you helpers saints on earth xxx

To Group 86, Clare, from Lozza x - CLARE! Aka 86s Easter Bunny! Well you only went and survived the day of travel and the first night in Lourdes! I'm so glad you finally get to be part of it all and see it first hand after all the years you've supported 86! While you're away I'm taking back my room! (Insert dramatic evil laugh here!) Seriously though, enjoy it all and forget about getting any sleep! Take lots of pictures and keep a diary if you want to remember everything! Lots of love, Loz xxx

To Group 86, Michele Mann-Jones, from Anny Parnell - To the children and adults in Group 86! HAPPY EASTER!!! I hope you all have the most special time in Lourdes. I wish I was there to sing loudly and share all the incredible memories you will make this week. Sending my love, thoughts, hugs and prayers to all of you incredibly exceptional people! Love Anny x

To Group 86, Mum , from Laura & Kenny - Hey Ma! Have a fab trip! What number Lourdes Easter Pilgrimage is this now? Must be nearing 15?! Looking forward to hearing all about it once you're back! Hope you packed the disco light up shoes, getting plenty of use out of Mum light up wellies here in Guernsey! Never forget the unending power of the dot! Lozza xxx

To Group 97 - Hello dearest Chloe I hope you are having a great time! My week at home has been a disaster as I've ran out of food and don't know how to use the washing machine! lol I love you and i am so proud of you because you! Please don't worry because I'm sure you are doing a great job! I can't wait too see you! I love you lots Nye

To Group 97, from Sam Payne - Welcome to Lourdes guys, I hope you had a fab but safe journey. Have a blast, enjoy lots of giggles and fun times and I can't wait to hear what you got up to when you return. 97 I love you deep down In my heart, lots of love Champayne x x x

To Group 98, Freya - HAPPY EASTER. Hope you have an absolutely amazing week xx Enjoy every day x Love you lots Love mum and Dad xxx

To Group 99, from Mike Halford - Welcome back to Lourdes '99ers & a special welcome to our new helpers. Let make this a 40th Anniversary to remember. Looking forward to seeing all our friends over the coming days.

To Group 106, Kate Hutchinson, from Lesley Senior-Watson - May the love of the risen Lord bless you and all in your group this Easter and always. Have an amazing time in Lourdes xx

To Group 115 - Hey 115ers! Yay you've made it. Hope you're all settled in and enjoying the Solitude! Was Francois in his jumper? Clare, I hope it isn't too hot! Carl, I hope Stansted wasn't too much change! Noreen, I hope Winnie and the helpers are behaving! New helpers, have the most amazing time but get some sleep, it's an indescribable week! Have a fab time and I'll be keeping an eye out for 115! Wishing I was there, counting down until 2019 already. 1, 2, 3, 4, I want to see you Boogaloo... Love Georgie xxx

To Group 116, from Sian Pearson - Sending lots of love to Group 116. I hope the week is filled with sunshine and lots of laughter. Miss you all lots. Fr Frank and Fiona, enjoy the coffees. Glancey and Colly G, enjoy every moment of this year. Say a prayer for my wee Gran at the grotto. Love you all, Sian xxo

To Group 122 - Hi Angela, glad to hear you all arrived safely. Hope you're having a great time and happy Easter! Love from Mum, Peter, Helen, Sophie and Christopher xxx

To Group 122, Claire Shanks - Clairissa Glad you arrived safe and sound. Have a great week you've worked very hard to make things perfect for your group. Love you loads and loads Matt x

To Group 122, Jack - We are all wishing you a fabulous night, we have seen a lovely photo of you and Dom on the aeroplane with all your friends. It is very quiet here without you, Dillon is keeping guard over your guitars. Tom and Scarlett have had a busy time doing craft making lots of Easter bonnets! Lots of love Mum Dad Annie Tom The Bowlings Mr Bumble & Charlie Xx

To Group 122, from Jo Turner - To all in the YORKSHIRE REGION - could only put one group number sadly but this is for you all! Missing you and Lourdes loads but sending lots of love and prayers to everyone. I'll be watching and drumming my djembe in spirit with you all! Keep an eye on any 160 members with you, particularly the lovely James - Heffie is watching! Xxxx

To Group 122, Claire Shanks - Day 2 Hope your Mum isn't causing to much trouble. Having my last day with Max Hope your Easter Sunday mass was good fun Miss you loads Love you Matt

To Group 122, Liam Donoghue, from Lesley Senior-Watson - Hope you have an amazing pilgrimage and the love of the risen Lord blesses you and all in your group this Easter x

To Group 122 - Happy Easter to everyone in group 122 with my caring, cheeky daughter Ellen. I hope you all have the most amazing time together. Lots of Love Mum, Jess and Alex xxx

To Group 122, James, from Granny and Grandpa - Happy Easter to you and Group 122 hope your all having a super time xxx

To Group 123 - To Ellen, Lily & Katherine and all in Group 123, glad you all arrived safely and hope you have a fantastic week in Lourdes. Great to see all the pics on Whatsapp, and hope the weather improves for you. Wish I was there! Its very peaceful at home! Ellen...give Claire some peace! Lots of love Mum (Bernie) xx

To Group 131 - Hope you have a fantastic week! Please keep us in your prayers when you visit the Grotto. Love from Karen, John, Nathan, Michael and Mary xxx

To Group 140 - Hope you have an amazing week filled with love, laughter, joy, new friendships and not too much sunburn!! Remember us at the grotto Love Joanne & Richie xx

To Group 140, Lorraine Glancy - Hi everyone in Group 140 hope u all have a fantastic week in Lourdes and the sun shines for you. Say a wee prayer at the grotto for us all and we wish that one year we will be back with you all. Loads of love and Lourdes hugs Karen , Ian, Hannah, Callum, Connor and James xxx

To Group 141 - Have you had a drink of water? Looking forward to a wonderful week with you all. Much love Nurse Claire

To Group 147 - Hi Livvy Hope you enjoyed your flight to Lourdes with Monika and Katie and that you are all settled in to your hotel. Have lots of fun. Love you! Mummy xxx

To Group 148, from Helen Young (Chief Nurse HCPT Easter ) - Welcome to Lourdes to our wonderful new children Luna, Winnie, Thomas and Isobel and of course our returning special boys Ben and Nicholas. Thank you to our new helpers Mary, Laura, Clare and Emma you really are all very special. Finally big welcome to Deacon Len for first visit to Lourdes. God Bless you all. Helen your group nurse.

To Group 150, from Sheelagh Hawkins - good luck to all the volunteers at HCPT who will be giving hundreds of disabled children a fantastic Easter break in Lourdes this week, creating happy memories that, like ours, will still be cherished 21 years later. Have a fantastic week, I hope the sun rises and shines every day as we don't want a floody floody :) Thank you for all you do especially HCPT group 150 xx

To Group 151 - Luke, we are so proud of you going with Group 151 on your own. You are so grown up! Please say a prayer for us every day, count lots of Marys, and beat your 105 personal best for bread eating! You will have a lovely time and you are not far away, you are in our hearts! Are we in your heart? Love Ben Mum and Dad xxx

To Group 153, from Darren Bray - Hope you all have an amazing time ! Thinking of you all and what your doing each day. Love Darren

To Group 170, Samantha - we hope you and your group 170 had a good flight to Lourdes. have a marvelous week. enjoy your time in Lourdes. love mum and dad and nan xxx

To Group 171, Emma, from Sheila Moss - To Emma, all the helpers, children and young people. I hope you have an amazing week.

To Group 179, from Claire - Group 179, I bet you look good on the dance floor! Looking forward to our Disco lots of love Group 141 xx

To Group 179, Daisy Mai - Have an amazing time group 179!! Lots of love Anna, james, Freddie, Charlie and Leon ??

To Group 179 - Hello Elliot, mummy and grandma send our love. Have a fantastic time on your adventure and hope you have lots of fun with your friends xxx

To Group 179 - Happy Easter you beautiful lot! Your journey yesterday sounded a bit pants but I?m positive the rest of the week will make up for it. Hope the sun is shining for you! Ps I hope Jonjo is behaving himself. Lots of love, Hannah xxx

To Group 179 - James, Mummy has told me you have arrived safely so have a wonderful experience Lots of love from Grampy Bob.

To Group 179 - Hi James Happy Easter. How your having a fab time. I found Numberjack 5 book. Lots of love Mummy and Gipsy x

To Group 179, Rebecca Bowden, from Hailey Turner - Happy Easter miss you all, wish I was with you. I had some great times with you. Love you 179s

To Group 179, Gabriella, Olivia and all with 179, from Nicola Osborne - Happy Easter to you all hope you are having a wonderful time

To Group 179 - Happy Easter James Nanny and Grandad are very proud of you. Love you loads Love Nanny, Grandad and Shadow

To Group 183 - All members of St. Mary's School, Bishops Stortford, especially Ellie. I am sure that you are very happy in Lourdes and very close to Our Blessed Lady. Much love and happiness to you and all your friends and VIPs, not forgetting all your teachers. Hugs and kisses from Nanny and Grandad and all Hayeses Xxx

To Group 187, from Olivia and Tex - Happy 100 year anniversary to the Royal Air Force!

To Group 187, from Tab - Great job!

To Group 193, Matthew, from Fiona Hayllar - Hello Group 193 - Glad you arrived safely. Wishing you all a fantastic week in Lourdes. Sing, laugh and be happy. X

To Group 194, Sheila Toman, from John Johnston - Hi, 194, Good to see that you have lovely weather - long may it continue. Have a wonderful, happy and fulfilling week and make sure you don't work too hard (as if!!). Thinking of you all. Lots of love. JJ

To Group 195, Claire Wooley - Hello group 195 and welcome to Lourdes. We hope the journey went well and you are all ready for the best week of the year. Rise and shine every day, sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. Play hard and pray ever harder. Wish we were with you. Much love from Cath and Brendan xxx

To Group 195, from Claire Woolley - Happy Easter 195. From the way everyone bonded yesterday I know we are going to have another memorable year. Play hard, sing loud, love unconditionally, pray together. You are all amazing. Claire xxx

To Group 195 - Hi Joey, just wanted to wish you a happy Easter. Hope you're having a nice time. Miss you loads. Love you, Mum xxx

To Group 195, Lissie, from Nicola - Hope you have had a good flight sweetheart and that you have an amazing week. Love you xx

To Group 199, Claire Jackson, from Debbie - To my lovely friend Claire have a fantastic week with those gorgeous kids , amazing young adults and wonderful carers ... Will look forward to all the photos when your home ... Love you Deb xxx

To Group 199, Kimbo - Hope you have all settled in the hotel and you had a good journey. Hope Keran has overcome her journey. Have a wonderful fun filled week. Look forward to seeing plenty of photos. Please keep us in your prayers. Love you all loads. Mo and Lyn. XXX

To Group 199, from Claire and Jenna - Getting very excited now group 199...we can't wait to get to our house and for our week to start...and excited to go and see the lady in the blue dress up the wall !!! Love you all deep down in our hearts xxx See you there my room mate, can't wait to see you Keran from Jenna xxx

To Group 201 Portsmouth - Happy Easter from me and my family. I hope you enjoying your time in Lourdes. I will keep in my prayers when you are in Lourdes. I really miss you guys and I wish to be with at this time. Have an amazing and the opportunities time in Lourdes. Lots of Love from Martha and family Edwards

To Group 209, Sarah and all the Helpers and children in Group 209, from Pat O'Hanlon - So wish I could be there with you all, have an amazing week in Lourdes, I am so very proud to know that what was started in 2000 is still going strong thanks to you Sarah. Group 209 Forever Friends continue to Rise and Shine x

To Group 215 - Hi Have a wonderful time Poppy And a lovely Easter Lots of love Halina and Isabella

To Group 215 - Hi Poppy Hope you have an amazing time Love Jane & Emma xxx

To Group 215 - Hello Poppy hope you have a fab time while you are away on your adventure Love from Lisa and Lahela xx

To Group 215 - Hi Poppy, hope you have a wonderful time, with lots of love from Niamh and Sally xx

To Group 215, To Poppy, Sharon, Beth, Tierney and all of group 215 - Happy Easter to everyone, hope you all have a lovely day today. Thank you to everyone at hcpt so much for giving Poppy this opportunity every picture I've seen she just looks so happy. Lots of love from Tess and family xxx

To Group 216, from Diarmuid White - You are in Lourdes, in Lourdes at last, you are in Lourdes at last! Your hearts have found a resting place, you are in Lourdes at last! Have a great week, you heroes. I?ll be on all the socials watching you. Derm

To Group 310, Dominic - Wishing my lovely brother and all the group a very Happy and Blessed Easter. We'll miss you today. Love from Big Sis and all the crowd.xxx

To Group 352, Tatler, from John Donovan - Sorry that the French rail strike on Tuesday will prevent Group 350 (Old & Bold) arriving from London/Surrey on Tuesday. Great disappointment for 35 former helpers. Many decades ago a similar strike took place, when the whole UK Trust travelled by rail - but the French rail unions did not know our YVONNE HALSEY. She stood up to their reps at Calais and explained our purpose in going to Lourdes with hundreds of disabled children arriving by ferry from Dover. Our chartered train, divided into two, was the only train to travel on that day throughout France!

To Group 367, Esther Coulter, from Lettie - I had a great time in Lourdes last year, with Group 367, wishing them a safe journey, nice weather and a fantastic experience in Lourdes.

To Group 601, Jim Kelly - Happy Easter! Hope you have a wonderful trip. Connor's going to miss you! Does the Easter bunny come to Lourdes. Could you bring me some holy water please... running low. Set up Joe's Easter basket tonight and we colored some eggs today and got Mommy some flowers. They have different web sites this year that I was just looking it. So beautiful. Take care and enjoy you experience. You make these pilgrims so happy! Love, Joe and Valerie

To Group 604, Elish, from Anne - Praying for you and Ellen and sending love. Our Lady of Lourdes, be a mother to us all. Daddy and I miss you so much.

To Group 706, Tim, from Nurse Claire - Group 141 Loves you deep down in our hearts. So proud that you are leading the Youth Group Tim. Have a wonderful week 706 xx

To Group 716, Celia and Louise Miller, from Gma - Happy Easter to you both, all Norwich contingent and all pilgrims, carers and clergy. Have a great week. Feel the love.xx

To Group 737, Erin, from Mary Garland - Erin welcome to Lourdes! Hope you have a great week with us for your first year in Lourdes with hcpt From us all in group 737

To Group 802 - To Sarah, Chrissy, Billy, Michael, John and Grant: I hope you enjoy a wonderful week with Group 802! To the 6th formers arriving for the first time, welcome to Lourdes! And to the staff and OG gang, looking forward to seeing you over the next few days. Remember, Rise and Shine is Ed M's FAVOURITE and he especially enjoys it before breakfast. Much love, Jennie xxx

To Group 1212, Diane Reid, from Fiona - Happy Easter Di A special Easter prayer here for you from your annoying littler sister. Thank you God for blessing me with such a special sister xxxTo Group 107, Katy, from Bea - Hope you are having a great time in Lourdes - if you see us sunshines give us a shout! See you about, Bea xxx