Easter Monday 22nd April - your messages

Here's today's "Tatler" messages from HCPT's daily Easter newsletter

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To Group 2 - Dear Ted, We are so proud of how well you have settled in to life in Lourdes and how brave you have been so far on your first ever flight, and your first ever stay away from home! Keep up all the smiles and the hand holding. We love you deep, deep, down down, deep down in our hearts! From Gemma, Jennie and all of Group 2!

To Group 7, Laura - Hello! Wishing you and all of group 7 a fantastic week - rise and shine and enjoy every minute - lots of love, jenhen xxx

To Group 11, Gillian Millyard - Happy Birthday Mum, We hope you have a lovely day. Lots of love, Matt, Laura and Toby.

To Group 11 - Wishing Group 11 a wonderful Easter and hope your journey was good and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. With every blessing Fr John

To Group 14 - Hello Kamani, I hope you are settling in well and have enjoyed your first day. The children are enjoying eating their Easter eggs and are running around entertaining each other. Make sure you get enough rest for tomorrow. Take care of yourself Love Mum & everyone xxx

To Group 14 - Thinking of you Auntie Paulette, hope you have a wonderful week. Lots of love Emma & Chris

To Group 14 - Wishing you the best of time during the rush of the coming week. Hope you will have time to slow down to relish the importance of Lourdes and its spiritual moments. May God bless you all and keep you in His care. Love to all Robert Haddad

To Group 16, David, from Martin Simpson - wishing alll groups a Happy and holy pilgrimage Martin Group 16 1964, 1967, and 1970 you are all in my prayers Have a great week.

To Group 22, Tony WICKENDEN , from Bridget Durrant - Brid Amy Zaz Bren and Sheila are with you in spirit and ask you to remember us all in your masses and prayers at the grotto.

To Group 23, from Tony Pringle - Evening hope you all got there safe and now it is time to have fun love you all

To Group 26, from Tina - I have no words to describe how honoured I feel to lead such an incredible group. Not one second of this week would be possible without your love, patience and time. I adore you all... ?These wings were made to fly? xx

To Group 32, from Andrew, Claire, Ellena & Oliver Williamson - Rise and Shine Group 32! Wishing everyone a wonderful time in beautiful Lourdes.

To Group 32, Nita, from Alison Smith - Hope you had a good journey and have started a great week. You were a big miss at St Gregs, but mostly I'm jealous of your trip :) Wishing you, Bridget, Joe and the rest of Group 32 another amazing week in Lourdes.

To Group 41, from Delwyn - Hi group 41. Hope you're all having a great time. Lots of love to Michael.

To Group 45, Cath Fennell and Del Rhodes, from all Group 45 - Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting us all to Lourdes. We wouldn't be here without all your amazing work! Thank you!

To Group 52, Maggie Smith - Wishing Group 52 a great week in Lourdes this Easter. Enjoy the break from me & my bad jokes. Lots of love from Siz xxx


To Group 56, from Jenny and Tom - We hope you have an amazing time this week in Lourdes! We will be looking out for you watching Trust Mass on Thursday. Have fun, stay safe and make memories that will last a lifetime. Xx

To Group 72 - I'm missing you so much Charlie but I know you will be having a wonderful time with your friends. It's super quiet here at home without you. It won't be long though, until your home emptying your ball pit and asking me to play catch with you for hours. I can't wait for that. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you again. Mum xxx

To Group 73, from Ani O'Brien - To all in 73. I hope you have an amazing week and I'm very jealous not to be with you this year. Save a space for me next year!!! Rise and Shine! Ani x P.S I saw a bird...

To Group 74, Helen Regan - Wishing group 74 a fantastic and fun-filled week away! (Can hear you from here singing "we are 74!" ) Much love, Jen (Young, was Wolfe) xx

To Group 74, Helen Regan, from Alison Noblet - Hope you are having an AWESOME time and Hosanna House is great fun...Capt America called he wants his tights back Toj Is Donna's youfi open yet? Have you found the tune yet for any of the songs?? Missing you all loads Big hugs Ali and Nobby xxx

To Group 75, Emma , from Ann Raby - Wishing all in Group 75 a very happy Easter.

To Group 75, Emma & Rowan, from Pandy - I hope you are having a wonderful time, it looks like you are all enjoying it from all the smiles on the photos! Rowan, I hope you enjoy the caves and that the weather stays nice for you for the rest of the week. I miss you both very much and I am very proud of you, love you both Xxx

To Group 75, Jenna, from Libby - Hi Jen hope u are enjoying ur time there and everyone too . light a candle for me say a pray too sweetie kai ace tye say hello nite god bless xxx

To Group 75, Jenna, from Natasha Maudling - Well done Jenna, proud of you x

To Group 75, Angel, from Gillian Pater - Goodnight Angel and all of hcpt75 hope you have had a lovely easter Sunday xxx

To Group 75, Keiran, from Gillian Pater - Hope you've had a great day ki love aunty gill xxx

To Group 75, Annmarie , from Louise - Happy Easter to all the group, have a fantastic week xxx

To Group 75, Grace, from Barney - Missing you so much love you xxx

To Group 75, Keiran, from Gillian Pater - Hope you're having a fab time love aunty gill xxx

To Group 75, Katy, from Emma-Jane - To the roomies, Katy, Abbie & Madelena - hope you're having a fab time and the sun is shining. Let's fill up that door with messages! #ComeAliveWith75 #RiseAndShine

To Group 75, Katy, from Sparky - Hello Katy & Group 75. I have gone on my holidays too. I'm staying with MumMum in her cottage. I have had chicken soup for lunch - it was yummy. Have lots of fun and see you on Saturday xx

To Group 75, Katy, from Geoff (Daddyo) - Hope you're all having a great time Katy & Group 75. Katy I have a chocolate surprise for when you get home xxx

To Group 75, Angel, from Nana Gill - Happy easter baby girl hope you're having a fab time love you loads nana and grumpy pants to dave John kala jenna and Anne marie hope you've recovered from the long journey yesterday hope all the kids are behaving themselves

To Group 76 - Hi Eva, Hope you have slept well on your first night and have a good time today. I have watched the mass online and saw your group with the yellow jumpers and 76 on it, was trying to see if i could see you, It looks amazing. Love you lots mum and Ellie xxx

To Group 76 - Hi Luke, I hope you are having the most amazing time with all your new friends! We are looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Lots of love from mum xxx

To Group 76, Angela, from Elizabeth Brown - Hi Ang, hope everything going well!! Looking forward to some deli coffees when you get back. Big hugs xxx

To Group 76, Cody - Glad you arrived safe and well hope you settle OK. Have fun. Have a great time. Love Grandma

To Group 76, Emma-Leigh - Glad you arrived safe and well princess. Have a great time. Love Grandma

To Group 76, Morgan - Hi you! Hope you Eva, Nicole , Cody and Emma Leigh had a great journey and are enjoying your big adventure . I wish I was there with you all! Remember and take good care of Jack and Miss Friel for me. Say a prayer for me and all your friends at St Leonards . Lots of love -Mrs Hazard

To Group 78, Dweeny, from Bernie Maddalena - Hi. Hope you all arrived safely. X

To Group 81, Claire, from Nicola - I hope you are having a wonderful time in France love you so much

To Group 81, Anthony, from Shelagh - Hope you got some sleep !!! And others too. Now start singing ! Thanks to all who are looking after Anthony Forever in your debt xxx

To Group 81, Janet Rowan, from Anne Beesley - Hope the journey there was OK and that you are all settled in. Have a wonderful week. I hope the sun shines ! Love Anne x

To Group 88, Tim Walsh, from Margaret Johnstone - Congratulations on 20 years in group 98 with many more to come xx

To Group 88 - Have a wonderful pilgrimage, enjoy every minute. The weather certainly looks great too. Love Maria Bernadette & Anne Cameron x

To Group 97 - Hi Maddie Hope you are having a wonderful time It's very quiet without you We have had some snow here, so it's a good thing you left yesterday Dad has cleaned out Scarlett's hutch and I had a cuddle of her Love you loads Mum, Dad, Nan, Tom and Jess

To Group 97, from Karen Sanderson - Hope you all had a safe journey ! Enjoy your week ! What's that you said...! My name is Karen and I know what I like ... ! We are the welsh ...! Sing your hearts out ! Will tune in for the trust mass on thurs karen xxx

To Group 97 - Happy Easter Bella! I hope you got there safe and well and are having a brilliant time. Love you lots, Mam xx

To Group 97 - Hi Tia hope you have a wonderful time mummy and daddy miss you already love you lots and lots have fun xx

To Group 102 - To all the Welsh groups travelling this year and everyone in HCPT, Wishing you a happy and Holy Easter. We hope you have so much fun this week and can't wait to see all the pictures (not jealous at all, honestly). We'll be watching the trust mass and be doing Rise and Shine along with you at home. Don't forget to give us a wave! Lots of love, Tasmyn and Ciara Pritchard xxx

To Group 102 - Hi Jake. Hope you are having a fab time. Rounders looked like fun. Give matti a hug when you see him. Love you lots Mum xx

To Group 105, Matti, from Noni and Grancha - Great photos looks like your having a brilliant time and have made lots of new friends. Love you loads xxx

To Group 105 - Hi Matti Moo. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Have lots of fun. Be good. Lots of Love Mum xxx #hotterthanhot #riseandshine

To Group 106, Sara, from Sue Miller - Hope you are all having a brilliant time and that Oli, Mary and all the new helpers are loving being a part of Team 106! To all the children - hope you have collected lots of pegs and are enjoying the fun and fellowship- you will have such a great week Missing you and wishing i waa there too so keep the pictures coming! Much love to you all xxx

To Group 115 - Hey 115ers! Yay you've made it. Hope you're all settled in and enjoying the Solitude! Was Francois in his jumper? Clare, I hope it isn't too hot! Carl, I hope Stansted wasn't too much change! Noreen, I hope Winnie and the helpers are behaving! New helpers, have the most amazing time but get some sleep, it's an indescribable week! Have a fab time and I'll be keeping an eye out for 115! Wishing I was there, counting down until 2019 already. 1, 2, 3, 4, I want to see you Boogaloo... Love Georgie xxx

To Group 122, Claire Shanks, from Jen - Greetings to all the gorgeous Sunshines in group 122! Just wanted to wish you all and amazing and fun-filled week. Enjoy every minute! Missing you all lots. Hope Reney baby and Kath aren't behaving too much :) Don't forget to sing "my name is ..." ! Much love - little liver bird xxx

To Group 122, Liam W, from Johan - Salut Liam. Ca va? I'm very impressed by your learning of French. C'est superb!

To Group 122 - Hello Joel, Happy Easter! We hope you're having a great time & that you found some eggs on the Easter Egg hunt! Enjoy all that singing and have fun! Lots of love, Mum, Martha & Naomi

To Group 122, Jack, from Alison - Wishing you a very happy Easter, we all hope you got a good nights sleep and were up this morning with your April Fools pranks! We hope you are celebrating in warm sunshine as we all celebrate in bracing wind and rain. Lots of love always Xx

To Group 123, Vicki Darby, from Eileen O'Callaghan - Hope you have had a wonderful start to your pilgrimage and looking forward to all that the week holds, have fun, love and prayers to you all from 'Hotter than Hot' Eileen x (Say 'hello' to all in Group 215 who knew me)

To Group 123, from Mandy Leader - Hi Adam Hope you having a fantastic time. Happy Easter from Mandy and everyone at Playhouse ?

To Group 127, Mary Sillett, from Lesley Hartshorn - Mary sending you and all of your lovely group every best wish for an amazing week. Be happy and safe, you're much loved. Only wish I was there too ? God bless you X

To Group 128, from Patricia Burke - Group 128 are on their way ! Our first time in Lourdes after a 4 year absence. Thank you all for your commitment and support. Pat x

To Group 128, from Siobhan Ferguson - Wishing all the children, helpers, Fr. Paul and Fr. Michael in HCPT Group 128 (Windsor/Hayes parishes) a safe journey to Lourdes on 2 April. Have a wonderful Easter pilgrimage everyone and I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. You are special. Best wishes Siobhan x

To Group 131 - Happy Easter group 131! I hope you all have a fabulous week and I wish I could be with you! Enjoy all the fun you'll have in this very special place and I'll be looking out for you on the Trust Mass webcam on Thursday. Lots of love from Siobhan Flaherty.

To Group 138, Fr Martin Chambers, from John and Linda Herron - Have a great week in Lourdes, didn't get time so say to you after Mass. Hope your group have a fabulous time!!!

To Group 139 - Hi Hope everyone is having a wonderful time. Please give Philippa a big hug for me please. Lots of love Clare xxx

To Group 139 - To Callum - we hope you have a wonderful, special week away sweetheart you deserve it after all you've been through this last year. We love you millions and hope you and all of Group 139 have a brilliant, sunny, fun-filled week and many thanks to all staff for the wonderful work you all do. Love from Mum, Dad, Lauren and Rocco xxx

To Group 139, from Amy Hunter - I hope everyone has a wonderful pilgrimage and there are many memories made while you're there. Enjoy being with everyone else, especially at Trust Mass, and make sure that people know who we are by your great singing!

To Group 139, from Pat & Maureen Reilly - Have a fabulous week .. hope you have plenty fun and laughter ... god bless all the children and helpers xx

To Group 161, Peter Norman, from Barbara Franklin - Hope you guys have a great week in Lourdes. Hope the weather stays nice and dry for you all.

To Group 170, from Roxy - Hello Group 170, hope you've had a wonderful first day. Love The Ashworths.

To Group 179 - Hi James Hope your having lots of fun in Lourdes. Hope your being good and behaving yourself. Yasmin went to London yesterday. Lots of love and nip nips Mummy x

To Group 179 - I hope you're all having the most wonderful time together. Make sure to sing extra loud and shine extra bright. With lots of yellow love, from Tara xxx

To Group 179 - Troy I hope you are having a magical spiritual adventure. I miss you so much and am so proud of you xx Say a special prayer for our angel Leah. Love Mum xxx

To Group 179 - Hi Gabby and Livvy Hope you are both having lots of fun? And making lots of friends Happy Easter to you all Lots of love nana xxx

To Group 179 - Hi James We hope you are having a super time, bullseye and buzz are watching for you. Lots of love auntie Sarah and uncle Gareth xxx

To Group 179 - Happy Easter James! We hope you are having a wonderful time in Lourdes. Love from your friends, Harrison and Cooper xxx

To Group 179, Jordan - Hope everybody is having a lovely time and the weather is being kind to you all . Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing plenty of photos. Hi Debbie hope your enjoying your first time in Lourdes. Eliza is sending her love to her mummy and is having a nice time. Love Mummy and Daddy xxx

To Group 179 - Hi James, we have been watching your trip on Facebook. Looks really good fun. Missing you lots and can't wait to hear about it. Love you from Grampy Bob, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Gareth xxx

To Group 180, Team Purple - Hope you're all having a great time purple people. Hope the sunshines gor you all. Love Cath and Mike??

To Group 186 - Oi oi group 186!!! Have a fantastic week and keep rising and shining. Hoping that 186 will be the proud owners of the RAF banner by the end of the week, Rachel. Much love! Stella x

To Group 187, from HELEN GOODWIN - Rise and Shine Group 187! Have a fabulous Pilgrimage, I am with you in spirit. Have you started the Cream Egg Challenge? Make sure Olivia leaves some of the Hotel Alba chocolate for other guests! Gooders xx

To Group 194 - Hi Erin. I hope you and all of your friends have had a wonderful first day. We are keeping our eyes open to see if you appear on any photos. Have a wonderful first pilgrimage. Light lots of candles for us all. Love you loads. Hugs and kisses. Dad xx

To Group 195 - Hi Lissie Hope you are having a fab time. Meeting new friends and doing exciting things Love dad Alistair

To Group 195 - Hi Eleanor, Hope you having a great time. Your new cousin is called Lucas and weighted 8,6. Both are well. Love you Mum, Grandad and Abbie.x

To Group 195, Lissie - I hope you enjoyed the Easter Mass Daddy and I were watching looking out for you. Hope you enjoyed the singing as much as we did enjoy watching from home. Your room is coming along lovely and you will love it. Enjoy your break sending lots of love from Mam & Dad

To Group 195 - Hello Eve and friends? We hope you are all having an amazing time in Lourdes and enjoying the fun and madness. Happy Easter Eve...we promise we haven't eaten all the chocolates!(Yet?) Lots of love Mam, Dad, Matthew and William xxx

To Group 195, Claire, from Gail - Glad you've are safe and sound-enjoy you r special time and please remember me and mine in your prayers xx

To Group 201, from Orla Tarn - Happy Easter to everyone travelling with Group 201 this year! I hope you have the most wonderful week on pilgrimage and I miss you all lots and lots! I can't wait to play ?Spot the red pom pom? on Thursday watching the Trust Mass! Have a lovely week and I hope to see you soon!

To Group 205, from Mandy - Have a wonderful pilgrimage and lots of fun and laughter. Hope Tristan likes French food! I'll keep my eye out for you all on the webcams so make sure Tom the Man does his best Rise and Shines! Xxx

To Group 209, from Kate Wilson - Hope you all have a lovely week. I really wish I could be there with you having a good old sing song, sing loud and proud! Forever friends xx

To Group 213 - Hello Cei Cei I hope you are having a wonderful time! You are such a lucky girl to be there and seeing all the amazing sights. Please make a note every day of what you found the most special or interesting and you can tell us all about it when you come home Love you all the world Auntie Ange and Nana Xxxx

To Group 213, Cei-cei, from Ferry - Hi baby I am loving all the photos of the group, looks like your all having a great time and love all your jumpers they fab. I hear you and Skye loved your room. I just hope yous didnt stay up to late partying ? and hope that Skye didn't pinch all the bed and covers as she usually does.? ? I do hope all you froggies ?? have a fantastic day love u more than words cans say babe xxx ps uncles Ben says hi and he loves you all the world too xxx

To Group 213 - Good morning Ceicei. I see you have it your 1st peg. Well done. I hope you enjoyed your flight and you slept well. I hope Skye isn't snoring. Bell says woof woof. tt's snowing and raining here. I love your green coat. Nanny and grandad loves you so much. Enjoy your holiday xxx

To Group 215 - Hi Poppy, hope you have had a good Easter Day, I have had far too much chocolate, hope you are having a really good time, see you very soon love from Tobey x

To Group 215, POPPY, from Karen - Have a fantastic time on your travels Poppy. What a wonderful opportunity for you and the rest of your group. You will have wonderful memories to think about in the future.

To Group 215 - Hi Poppy, we hope you're having a lovely time and you enjoyed it on the aeroplane. We hope the weather is nice and warm and you are having lots of lovely things to eat. See you when you come home, lots of love from Alfie and Maxine

To Group 216, Paul Deay and Kate Alker, from Natalie Callaghan - Hi 216! We hope you are having an amazing time we are thinking about you and getting regular updates! Have a fab fancy dress party! I'm sure you're all having an amazing time. Wonderful memories for us. The Callaghans are with you in spirit and I'm sure we'll all join u in the future! Congrats to Kate 216s new deputy and Niamhs amazing godmother! Have a fab week! Love to my fabulous mum ?grandma Marie!? Love you all lots x

To Group 310 - Dear Laura, Hope you have a fun-filled week!!! Lots of Love, Louisse xxx

To Group 310 - Dear Soph, Hope you have an incredible week!!! Don't forget to sing it in the valleys and shout it from the mountain tops ;) Lots of Love, Louisse xxx

To Group 310 - Dear Alyssa, Hope you have a fantabulous week ;) Get those vocal cords working, hopefully be able to hear you from the other side of the world!!! Please light a candle for me! Lots of Love, Louisse xxx

To Group 310 - Dear Becca, I hope you have an amazing Lourdes 2018 week!!! Have fun singing your hearts out!!! Lots of love Louisse xxx ;)

To Group 650, kevin, father sam and locksley, from shane and marie marshall {ann and george gelder} - we are really sad not to be joining you this year have an amazing week oh and we now have another addition to family LAYLA LUNA MARSHALL hopefully we will see you there next Easter god bless all our love shane marie leo & layla

To Group 702, Amelia Atkinson, from Andrew Gardner, happy 17th birthday!

To Group 702, Benedict Humble, from Andrew Gardner, happy 18th birthday!

To alumni of St George's, Weybridge, and St Maur's, from Ed Mason, come for drinks with the Old Georgians and Old St Maurs boys and girls at the Hotel Alba, Thursday night. RSVP: group 802@hcpt.org.uk