Leading HCPT, the Board of Trustees has two roles:

  • safeguarding the operations and upholding the ethos of HCPT for its pilgrims today; and
  • providing HCPT with a strategy that will see it develop and continue to operate for pilgrims in the future

The Board is made up of non-executive volunteers, drawn from across the organisation and with a variety of skills, experience and capabilities.

Andrew Flood


Andrew FloodAndrew is a consultant specialising in strategy, corporate finance and business transformation, working with government and private sector organisations. He is a Chartered Accountant by training, having spent 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Andrew has travelled with HCPT for 20 years, in Groups 1, 24 and 42. He joined the Board of HCPT in 2007 and was elected Chair in 2012.

  • HCPT Chair
  • Finance & Audit Committee
  • HR & Remuneration Committee

Dr Anthony Brooks

anthony brooksAnthony is a consultant anaesthetist. Anthony’s first pilgrimage with HCPT was Easter 1979. He has since travelled on almost every Easter pilgrimage since. For several years he has served as Regional Doctor for HCPT’s Met Deep South Region and has recently worked with the East Anglia Region as well. Anthony has travelled with Groups 11, 87 and 120 and has also worked with the Easter Medical HQ. He joined the Board of Trustees in 2010.

  • Medical & Nursing Committee

Fr John Carroll

fr john carrollJohn is a parish priest in Glasgow and chaplain to the largest Catholic school in Europe. He first got involved with HCPT in 1983 as a student at the Royal Scots College, Valladolid. Over the years since, John has been involved as a helper, Group Chaplain and musician. In 2000, John returned to Spain and was invited by Fr Perry Gildea to help with the Group Leader Renewal weekends. He was invited to join the Board of Trustees in 2007 and succeeded Fr Perry as Trust Chaplain in 2010.

  • Trust Chaplain
  • Spiritual Development Committee (Chair)

Andy Clare

andy clareAndy is a lay chaplain at St Benedict Catholic Academy in Derby. He has been travelling to Lourdes with Easter and Summer groups since 1988. At Easter he works on the technical team for the HCPT liturgies and the HCPT Concert. He has also been part of the music groups for many years. Andy joined the Board in 2011.

  • Trust Development Committee
  • Spiritual Development Committee
  • Safeguarding Committee

Sara Clarke

Sara ClarkeSara is a clinical nurse specialist in child and adolescent mental health, predominantly working with children with neuro-develpmental difficulties. Sara has travelled with HCPT Group 131 every Easter since 1994, having served as Group Nurse and Group Leader. She joined the Board in 2007, and over recent years has championed the Trust’s work on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

  • Risk Management Committee
  • Safeguarding Sub-Committee (Chair)

Emma Derby

Pat Franklin

Pat FranklinPat manages a large team of District Nurses in the Community Division of the Royal Marsden in Sutton, Surrey. She has been travelling as Group Nurse each Summer since 2006 with Group 534, based in Ealing. Pat also travels as Group Nurse on the Easter Pilgrimage with Group 35, based in Wimbledon. She is one of the Trust’s safeguarding advisors. Pat joined the Board in 2013 and serves as Chief Nursing Advisor to the Summer pilgrimages.

  • Chief Nursing Advisor (Summer)
  • Medical & Nursing Committee
  • Safeguarding Sub-Committee

Bridget Hanlon

Bridget is a partner inbridget hanlon a flooring technology business and a self-employed caterer and dressmaker in Surrey. She first went to Lourdes with HCPT in Easter 1974, then to Hosanna House when it opened for Summer 1975. She has been group leader of Summer Group 510 since 2002. Bridget joined the Board in 2012, bringing her considerable knowledge and experience of Hosanna House.

  • Property Assets Sub-Committee
  • Trust Development Committee

Siobhan Kelly

Siobhan KellySiobhan is a partner with BLM Solicitors specialising in Family and Child Law. She started HCPT Group 116 (Glasgow). She currently travels with Group 138 (Motherwell). Siobhan joined the Board in 2011.

  • Medical & Nursing Committee
  • Safeguarding Sub-Committee

Tony McEwen

tony mcewenHaving served 31 years in the Royal Navy, Tony has since worked as a dairyman, in IT, and for charities dealing with disadvantaged young people and the environment. Based in Hampshire and active in his local parish, he has travelled with HCPT as a hands-on helper for over 20 years, mainly with the Portsmouth based Royal Navy Group (186) on the Easter pilgrimage. Tony uses his experience of risk management and finance to support HCPT’s work.

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Investments Sub-Committee (Chair)

Philippa Nash

philippa nashPhilippa is a nurse with 20 years experience, practising in Bath. She has been involved with HCPT for over 30 years, having been introduced by her grandfather (originally Group Leader of Group 1). She was Group Leader of Group 42 for 11 years and she has also served as Group Nurse to that group and a Summer group. Philippa joined the Board in 2013 and is Chief Nursing Advisor for the Easter pilgrimage.

  • Chief Nursing Advisor (Easter)
  • Medical & Nursing Committee
  • Trust Development Committee

Ian O'Brien

ian obrienIan is a commercial programme manager at BT plc. He has been on the Easter pilgrimage for most years since 1999 with his local HCPT group (40), of which he is now the Deputy Group Leader. Ian brings to the Board his knowledge of commercial and organisational change.

  • Finance & Audit Committee (Chair)
  • Trust Development Committee

Mitul Patel

mitul patelMitul is a GP working in Leeds. He has been travelling with his local Group 131 on the Easter pilgrimage since 2005 as a helper and doctor, introduced by his wife Alison, another doctor in the group. He joined the Board in 2011 to help support and develop the medical and nursing care that HCPT provides to its pilgrims.

  • Medical & Nursing Committee (Chair)

Tim Righton

Tim is a chartered accountant, and currently Head of FinanTim Rightonce for a unified communications group. He has travelled with HCPT since 2003 and has been a member of Group 194 (Wigan) along with his family. Tim joined the Board in 2016, where he puts his experience of finance and risk management to good use.

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Risk Management Committee

Claire Shanks

claireshanksClaire is a Disability Support Adviser at the University of York and has worked in higher education for 13 years, enabling disabled students to achieve their academic goals. She has been travelling with HCPT since 1993 and has been the Group Leader of Group 122 (York) for nearly eight years. Claire joined the Board to contribute her knowledge of disability awareness and equality issues.

  •  Trust Development Committee (Chair)

Fr Patrick Sherlock

pat-sherlockFr Pat first travelled on the Easter pilgrimage with HCPT in 1984 and has travelled every year since. In 2012 he was sent to the Salesian Community in Farnborough, where he is currently College Chaplain.

  • Assistant Trust Chaplain
  • Spiritual Development Committee

Tim Madeley